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Life Advice

Being a life coach

Being a life coach

Parents' responsibility

Parents' responsibility

80 percent is enough

80 percent is enough

Beliefs that empower you

Beliefs that empower you

Nlp and limiting beliefs

Nlp and limiting beliefs

Life is really up to us

Life is really up to us

Desire and fear are connected

Desire and fear are connected

Adding diving into life coaching

Adding diving into life coaching

5 minute Milton Erickson coaching

5 minute Milton Erickson coaching

Using Meditation & NLP for change

Using Meditation & NLP for change

The comfort zone

The comfort zone

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

Sometimes takes time

Sometimes takes time

Becoming one with nature

Becoming one with nature

Concept about resilience

Concept about resilience

Life is a great teacher

Life is a great teacher

Add value before you recieve

Add value before you recieve

Follow your heart not your head

Follow your heart not your head

Combining procedures in life coaching

Combining procedures in life coaching

Albert Einstein's unlimited creativity

Albert Einstein's unlimited creativity

My biggest joy

My biggest joy

The essence of beauty

The essence of beauty

Forgiving everything

Forgiving everything

Learn from your mistakes

Learn from your mistakes

Living without ideology

Living without ideology

Letting go and moving forward

Letting go and moving forward

Stay focus and don't compare

Stay focus and don't compare

Be honest and real to yourself

Be honest and real to yourself

Everything happens for me not to me

Everything happens for me not to me

How NLP can help you run your own life

How NLP can help you run your own life

Quick Tips:

Use concrete criteria to measure your goal progress

Make sure that you have concrete criteria to measure your progress towards completing a goal. For example: Instead of having a goal to loose 15 pounds before the holidays, have a goa to loose 1 pound per week until Christmas.

Victoria J.

Don't set unrealistic and unattainable goals.

Don't set unrealistic and unattainable goals that you won't fully commit to achieving. For example: Instead of having a goal to loose 20 pounds in one week, set a more attainable goal to loose 2 pounds a week for 10 weeks.

Emily K.

Goals should always put some pressure on you.

A goal should always challenge and put some pressure on you because a little bit of pressure is not a bad thing if it forces you to focus on what it is that you want to achieve.

Donna L.

Always have an action plan to reach your goal.

Have an action plan or a clear strategy that will both help you to reach your goal and make sure that your goal is actually realistic and attainable.

Adam M.

A goal should give you a sense of accomplishment

Remember that a goal should have a bar that is high enough so that you feel as though you have accomplished something when you have completed your goal.

Lisa N.

A clear timeframe will create a sense of urgency.

Always set a clear timeframe for achieving your goal and a clear end point. Otherwise and without a clear timeframe or end point, thre will be no sense of urgency to start or finish working towards your goal.

David O.

Keep a journal to track your progress & successes.

Keep a journal where you keep track of the progress towards your goal. A journal that also notes your successes along the way will also keep you motivated.

Andrew P.

Have a positive state of mind when goal planning.

Before you start writinng down your goals and an action plan that will help you to achieve them, make sure that you are first in a positive state of mind.

Theresa Q.

Be spontaneous and just write your goals down.

When brainstorming a list of goals, be spontaneous and just write them down. Later on you can go back and start to edit or prioritize which ones are the most important.

Ronald R.

Describe your goals using positive words.

Write your goals down in positive terms using positive words rather than describe them in negative terms using negative words.For example: "I am smoke free" is better than saying "I am no longer a smoker."

Kathryn S.

Write a goal down as if its already been achieved.

When you write down your goals, write them in such a way as to imply that they have already been achieved. For example, write down: "I own a new red BMW convertible."

Kevin T.

Write a goal down using words that motivate.

When writing your goals down, use motivating language and words that will illustrate your passion and commitment towards achieving your goals.

Thomas W.

Use language and words that are direct.

When writing your goals down, use language and words that are direct, specific and detailed as your mind will tend to manifest things like goals literally.

Gary A.

A reality check ensures a goal is what you want.

When brainstorming a list of goals, besure that you do a reality check by asking yourself whether or not the goals that you come up with are really the goals that you want to spend time trying to achieve.

Shirley B.

Incorporate abstract values into your life

Part of living means knowing how to transorm abstract valu es and beliefs into concrete actions. This includes how you will apply justice, truth, honor, and fairness into your life.

Raymond F.

Master simple household chores

Chores may seem like something inane and simple, but they can be a challenge if you do not know what you are doing. Make sure you have simple things like doing laundry and cleaning down.

Denise G.

Think things through before you take risks

Sometimes, it is necessary to take risks. That doesn't mean you should take foolish risks though. Do not just jump into something without thinking it through.

Ann H.

Embrace new opportunities change brings

Coping with change is a problem for many. Some fear that change will make things worse. Realize that change is a part of life and embrace the new opportunities that it brings.

Logan I.

Try embracing change and see what happens

Do not fear change. Some of the best things can happen when you embrace change. The next time something unexpected happens, see what you can make out of it.

Jessica J.

Start with small changes and advance to big ones

If you feel you are not ready for change, start small. Alter one or two small routines the first week and get used to them. Then move onto bigger changes.

Frances K.

If you want change, try challenging yourself

If you are thinking it is time for change in your life, find out where you feel unfulfilled. You might not be challenging yourself enough. Take on a new project whether at work or in your personal life.

Ashley L.

Make a difference in your community

Citizenship does not just mean getting involved in the government. Try simple acts that help out others in your community whether that means volunteering or helping out in another way. You can make a difference.

Andrea M.

Be patriotic and contribute to your country

You should be proud of your country. Show your patriotism by volunteering or doing something to support the troops. Know that you can contribute and make a difference in your community and to your country.

Juan N.

Become a better informed citizen

Try to become a better informed citizen. Get information on what is going on in your community and learn the issues. Once you know what is going on, you will be able to make better choices and help out.

Linda O.

Use competitiveness to your advantage

Being competitive can help you suceed in life and improve yourself, but do not let it become a detriment. Instead, use your competitiveness to become the best you can be.

Angela P.

Find a creative way to express yourself

Find ways to express your creativity. This may be through music, art, or another hobby. Being creative gives you a sense of creation and pleasure, so get started today.

Alexander Q.

Stop criticizing yourself and others

It can be very easy to criticize, but it is something you can control. The next time you find yourself criticizing yourself or others, stop and think of somehting positive to say. Do this on a regular basis until it becomes a habit.

Natalie R.

Invest in your future with education

Do not underestimate the value of education. It is important to invest in your future, so make it a brighter one by applying yourself and choosing a field that you love.

Joan S.

Consider what career you can get with good education

Obtaining a good education is something not everyone is fortunate enough to get. If you are pondering whether you should continue your education, think carefully about your career choices.

Jennifer T.

Help someone understand the value of education

Unfortunately, some people do not recognize the need for education. If you know a young person who may be thinking about not continuing their education, sit down and talk with them. Let them know how far they can go in life with a good education.

Harry W.

Stimulate your mind by learning something

Learning does more than help us get better jobs. It stimulates our minds and has many benefits. You should consider taking a class at your local school or attending lectures about something new.

Helen A.

Find a new hobby you love

If you feel that it is time for a change, you might want to find a new hobby. It may be something that you do alone or as part of a group, but whatever it is your hobby should be something you enjoy.

Roger B.

Identifying and changing bad habits

In order to break a bad habit, you need to become concious of the action. Identify what is so tempting about the habit and come up with reasons why you should change your behavior. Identifying your trigger for that behavior is half the battle

Zachary M.

Cleanliness can help your productivity

Keeping things clean can help you be more productive because you will be able to focus on your work. If this seems too big of a task, focus on your workspace force and then move onto other areas of your life.

Nathan N.

Keep your desk clean to be more productive

Even if you do not get to anything else, try to keep your desk clean. This will help you save time trying to find your work and get things in order before you can even start, which drastically undermines your productivity.

Doris O.

Listen to audiotapes during your commute

Your commute can be a more productive time. Try listening to audiotapes during your drive. These can be for pleasure or learning. Try listening to a foreign language class or listen to a novel you have always wanted to read.

Dylan P.

Make calls while you are on your commute

Use your commute to return calls or listen to your messages. Be careful while driving though and use a hands-free set to make these calls. This way you do not have to take care of these when you get into the office.

Henry Q.

Prepare for meetings during your commute

During your commute, take time to review paperwork or prepare for meetings. This way you will be ahead by the time you get to work. This is particularly useful if you find yourself stuck in traffic.

Jean R.

Review your goals for the day on your commute

On your commute, review what you plan to do for the day. Also review your goals and how you will plan to accomplish your to-do list. That saves you time planning when you get into the office.

Carol S.

Study when you are at your sharpest

It is important to study when you are at your best. This means knowing what time of day you are most alert and setting aside time to study then. You will get through your studying much quicker.

Janice W.

Study in the same place where you can focus

You should get in the habit of studying in the same place. This should be a quiet place where you will not be distracted. Studying at the same place means you will get used to it and be able to focus better there.

Ralph A.

Take quick breaks while you are studying

Take frequent short breaks during your study period. When you go back to studying, you will be able to focus much better on what you are studying. Take a brisk walk or have a snack during your breaks.

Joshua B.

Make sure your goals aren't someone else's.

Make sure that your goals are actually your goals and not someone else's goals for you. For example: Just because your parents have the goa that you should become a doctor does not automatically mean it should be your goal as well.

Terry H.

When setting goals, remember your values.

When brainstorming a list of goals, it will be important for you to remember and think about your personal values and beliefs as your goals should be a clear reflection of both.

Robert I.

Set goals that are rational.

When brainstorming a list of goals, take a step back and ask yourself what goals are rational. For example: If you are already 30, becoming a professional basketball player is probably not a rational goal!

Karen J.

Be sure to rank and prioritize your goals.

Be sure to rank and then prioritize any list of goals. Moreover, those that rank the highests should be the ones that you prioritize and work towards first.

Beverly K.

Do not work on too many goals at once.

Do not pick too many goals to initially focus on as having too many goas at once will dilute both your strength and your concentration. Ultimately, having too many goals will make it difficult to achieve the results you are looking for.

Sharon L.

Be sure to set material and non-material goals.

When brainstorming a list of goals, be sure to think of all areas in your life where you can set and chieve goals. In fact, your list of goals should include both matterial goals and non-material goals.

Judy M.

Track goals digitally or the old-fashion way.

There are numerous ways that you can keep track of your goals and your progress towards them. These ways include digital methods such as the use of software and smartphone apps to old-fashioned pen and paper.

Rebecca N.

Goals need to be "wants" rather than "shoulds."

Goals need to be "wants" rather than "shoulds." In other words and while a smoker "should" quit smoking because its an unhealthy habit, a smaoker must "want" to quit in order to achive quiting.

Randy O.

Limit personal calls and ban social media at work

There are a number of habits you can start to be more productive. For one thing, ban yourself from using social media sites at work. Additionally, limit your private calls as much as possible.

Michael P.

Set up a routine in the morning before work

Start habits to increase your productivity in the morning. Get all your things ready for work the night before to save time and avoid being hassed. This includes picking out your outfits the night before.

Christian Q.

Get organized in all areas of your life

Even if you are not an organized person, get organized. It will save you time and help you become more productive. Start making changes in one area of your life.

Eric E.

Get an inbox and outbox to file paperwork

Get a better filing system for your papers. Keep two boxes for papers on your desk. One is an inbox for papers that you have yet to work on, and an outgoing box for paperwork you have already finished.

Brandon F.

Make an organization system that works for you

Make an organization system that works for you. If you have problems with paper, then focus on a filing system. If you lose your keys, have a place to put them everytime.

Roy G.

Schedule specific times to study

Set aside specific times to study each day certain days a week. This way it becomes a habit, and you will be able to keep up with your homework. Remember to schedule extra time for exams and larger projects.

Aaron N.

Taking good class notes can save you time later

Writing good class notes can save you time later. Pay class attention to what the teacher says, because they often highlight what they consider important.

Kimberly O.

Do not let your goals be forgotten

Having ambitious goals is important, but not if you let them go the way of New Year's Resolutions. Stay on track by keeping a detailed list of goals as well as a detailed plan of how to accomplish those goals and then act on it.

Jeffrey C.

Break larger goals into smaller ones

Settings goals is an important part of life. Your goals do not just have to be major ones. Break larger goals down into smaller ones and get the feeling of satisfaction as you complete smaller goals each day.

Elizabeth D.

Set a goal that is 150% of your potential

Set a goal that is 150% of your potential, a goal that is achievable at a stretch! People generally underestimate their potential, so aim high and achieve higher.

Kelly E.

Keep your goals specific and to the point.

Keep your goals straightforward and to the point. More importantly, be as specific as possible as this will help you focus on what you actually want to achieve.

Jacqueline F.

Use action words to describe your gials.

Use action words to describe your goals and exactly what you want to achieve. Important action words to consider when setting goals would include the words build, coordinate, develop, direct, organize and plan.

Alan G.

Ask yourself why a particular goal is important.

When setting goals, always ask yourself why a particular goal is important at a specific point in time. More importantly, ask yourself what it is that you ultimately are trying to accomplish.

Michelle H.

Goals that can't be measured also cannot be managed.

Goals should always be measurable because if you can't measure a goal, you certainly won't be able to manage it. Even better, have a few short-term goal posts measuring your progress to the final goal.

Dorothy I.

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