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My biggest joy


Can you give us, um, a brief story, of, the biggest joy, um, that you've had, the biggest success when you've taken someone, or, whatever was it they had or where they are now, or what, you know, the process, if you would. ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Yeah, could that thing, about you know, you, you, tell them myself. I would say, one of the biggest joy it's actually really kind of um, really kind of person, kind of this stuff, this thing about it, but, a real close friend of mine, and called me one time, and they, they were saying that, ba, um, they would basically saying yeah, they would basically saying it, they would want to, um, they would want to ah, to, to end it, yeah. And um, so, I, I told this person, I'm like, stay where you are, I said, I'm coming to you, we want to talk this out. It was another one of those things where, I had to explain you know, I was like, past is ain't to the future, okay... The past is just the past, okay. This moment that we just had, or we just talked about is now just a remembrance, so you could move on from here, you can, you can talk from here. Now... Now, you, I, I, I'm not a therapist. I'm a life coach. So I get, you know, my, my job is to get a result, and my result right then was that, was to get, you know, my, my job right there is to get the result in hand. You know, you're, you're not doing this alone. You're not wanna just forget that... Also the fact that, um, you know, she and I, I, I, I, you know, get it to the fact that, this is not, this is not, this is, what, whatever is happening now, is not had, is not gonna happen forever. You know... You gonna have that time on your own, that bad time but...You have brakes in your car, and just will be going to traffic, or have that. That, that was, that was my, my goal, right then, um, so that, get to the therapy, and that's something that's beyond my, my you know, little bit, I would say, beyond my round. But you know, it, it, that was, that, I would definitely say would be, um, one of, one of my, one of my biggest joys that I've had is the fact that, I've a friend that is really close to me, that was able, that I, you know is still here today, just because... Well, first of all they reached out to me and I thank God that ... You can, you could make whatever you want to out of your life, you know, just by... You know, putting forth the effort, the doing, you know, don't give up.

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