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Life is a great teacher


I believe that life is constantly trying to teach us amazing lessons about how awesome you are and life does that strategically by putting us in situations that test and stretch our comfort zone really so I believe that life presents certain situations that challenge us that makes us uncomfortable that makes us upset or angry, insecure, afraid, anxious I dont know if I said that already but anyways I believe right brings this up for a really good reason because it allows us to face some of these blocks and barriers that keep us stuck and sort of a status quo and okay and I know through working with people and I know my own personal life when shit happens and you present with a challenge that kind of like oh why me this really sucks but the silver lining is that it's really good to face because once youve overcome it then you're on to the new level of your evolution and you dont have to keep seating and dreaming the same thing and not feeling satisfied so rather than waiting or complaining about this things that you have to face and deal with look at them as opportunities in disguise that actually are holding some amazing like treasure for you or some amazing gift because they are and they do and you will be able to receive that once you come and face that initiation of just diving directly into it, so a very unpopular belief perhaps is that even the crappie things that get thrown your way are actually your best teachers and provide the most amazing lessons so try not to skim over those or hope that they're gone especially if you notice the same reoccurring pattern happening over time in your life with like different people but it's the same pattern this is a good sign that life is trying to show you something trying to bring something to your attention to help you overcome a barrier that you have or maybe an outdated belief that you are still carrying around with you and so I think life is doing this because it loves us it wants to support us it wants us to grow and really be who we are what is really just amazing, amazing souls amazing people and it shows us our craps so that we can face it and move on and thats why I think life is awesome and has our backs because even though at the time it feels it get sucks it's doing it for our best interest and I love that and that makes me excited and that gives me the courage and the energy to continue facing a lot of these blocks that I carry around within that will have and I think that perspective isnt exactly the most popular one but for me it helps me to just be happier.

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