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Learn from your mistakes


____________JJ Thiret____________ So, um, yeah. So, I think um, when I'm hearing from you too, is just like, in when you coach people is, in order to move forward, and... And they're used to be a fearless effort, doesn't there? ____________Chauncey Scott____________ you need to be able to, when I say, you know, make a decision, and, and, you, you have to, you know, you have to, you know you have to, you have to, sit back, and weigh all your options, weigh kind of you know, what, what, this could mean, versus that. But at some point in time, you gotta make a decision and, all other people say, you know, decision is, the decision to is to make, met with some type of action. And, and, and you're, and you're buying, you're brain is not gonna work with you if you don't make that action- within 24 hours. Your brain is saying you're not really making a decision, so it's gonna shut down... Your subconscious' shut down... Are you... So, yeah, absolutely, it's, it's, it's something that people like you said, they will get, they will get, they're thinking about the past, and get so scared of you know, of making a mistake and... You really have to, life is about, now, not the ages, could want to hurt you by making mistakes, but creating your own path, and if you make a mistake... You learn from it, you move on, it's only... A bad thing if you don't learn.

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