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Be honest and real to yourself


______Katy Suik_____ I think it's not so much vulnerable over on me because they are the professional. Hmmm... others say everything my clients says to me is strictly confidential and the beauty of coaching is that, you are coming to someone whether it's no judgment, right? Hmmm... but they have to be ready, they have to be ready to be honest with themselves, which I think is one of the scariest things right, because people, you know... they want to lose weight for example... that they have any [[negative??]] in their selves yet that they are just hopelessly addicted to Twinkies, or you know, whatever might be. Hmmm... but they tell they're ready to admit to themselves, to be honest to themselves and to look at themselves in the mirror and say "Ok, you know, let's be real" So that's best thing that I look forward is I want someone who is real, authentic, but also somebody that I don't know, and that there's more, that they can be more. Hmm... and they are ready to explore that. Obviously, somebody who... hmmm... who understand that there's purpose in life, right? If it's somebody that who doesn't see it that way and it is all black and white, and they... they don't believe that there's anything more than just getting up in the morning and go to the bed at night. Obviously, we wouldn't work together, because, I can't help you that's what you if that's what you believe like you know... hmmm... So, yeah, it's gonna be people who are... Typically, my typical clients are people that are fairly laid back, open, hmmm... not afraid to admit their weaknesses, and I love working with people have sense of humor just like you, and hmmm... yeah, just being real, that's a big one for me. You're just being real with me, not put on a fake smile and say "My life is perfect." Cause nobody says "Let's face it!"

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