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Follow your heart not your head


_______Andrew_______: A lot of people, full, when I'm saying, when I present it to them, they say it's, easy for me to say that, but it's hard for them to do. And my response back, is the matter, how do you want to show up in your life when you look back at it on the other side? If you believe that this is all there is. Well that I suppose what I'm saying is, is for not? But if you truly believe that there's something more to life than there's a tick tock of going to 9 to 5 the store while it says, going through, through this world, then there is something more to that and by showing up, and living the life that you're meant to be, not the life that you're being told to be, is hugely, hugely rewarding. _______Madison_______: Right. Right. _______Andrew_______: But it's a matter, do you want to show up? And show up on the based upon your beliefs, which you believe in your heart, not just your mind. Now that's the key thing, even for myself, um, the big shift took place in me when I decided that I, made a commitment, so not just a side of commitment that, I would make my final decisions based upon my heart, not my head, because your head will always give you the short-term gratification. I'll check in with my head, but the final decision will always come from my heart. And to know that from an intuitive perspective, this, is hugely rewarding but the same time, um, it teaches your patience. Teaches your tolerance and it teaches you that you have to be able to go within, in respect to what other people will say to you as being, why are you doing that? You don't have to, to answer people's objections and say, hey, it's free will, we agree to disagree. You know, I'm not telling you what you should or should not be doing, we should respect one another for what it is. And if you're on your life path, and you live in that. Great.

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