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Living without ideology


Okay I believe what attitude I have that is strange or unique well, probably the strangest attitude or belief I have is that I don't have an ideology in other words I don't have a guiding set of principles that I refer back to, to see whether or not I think that Im living the right way instead, what I rely on is an increasing effort to maintain an awareness of what's going on right now I supposed linked to this belief is a belief that there is no free will in the traditional sense so when I observe what's going on I'm also observing my own reactions I don't observing where those reactions came from perhaps by reflecting on my relationships now and in the past and my potential relationships in to the future and not just relations with humans but relations into the wider environment with food, with air, with water, with pollution, with energy and all these reflections show me how interdependent my reactions are and how maitres they are or network in to a dynamic set of interactions and relationships and in to exchanges information and because of this and also because of having work as a yoga teacher and having work as a volunteer I'm more inclined to believe that the level of freedom that we have is limited in a sense to this area of observation because the very active observation creates another layer of bio feedback process so, while there are all this processes going on physical, physiological, emotional and so on there's also this process that we can create through empathetic imagination effectively through meditation and that is this process of creating new possibilities so, the active observation is if you like another layer on top of existing layers of reaction, response, engagement, information exchange and by creating yet another layer then other possibilities that open for feedback to that level of awareness so, reflective meditative awareness itself creates a feedback process it calms, it makes us reflect on our breathing and the rate of breathing it makes us reflects on how, where sitting and whether we're comfortable in the kind of relationship we have in our bodies and it gives us the possibilities to step outside of karma to go beyond course and effect and that's really my response to what's going on my idea of how to overcome suffering it's not original it comes directly from the Buddhist tradition but I'm uniting it with the understanding of science and so I hope that's helpful I would recommend developing a meditative awareness it requires discipline, it requires dedication and effort but the more presently become the more benefit is created. Thanks.

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