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5 minute Milton Erickson coaching


_______Madison_______: Am I gonna lose my job? If I tell them but I'm not happy working at 6 in the morning, you know. _______Andrew_______: Okay, so, if you lost your job, what would that lie do to that you're currently not doing? _______Madison_______: Whoo! I love this, I love this new, dialogue, it's switching it all around, okay. Um, well, if you would allow me to do it, it would allow me to find perhaps a, a new work environment, that might, I might, um, flourish in, actually. _______Andrew_______: If that was the case, if you knew that was the potential, how would you go about it differently? Than you currently are doing with this job? _______Madison_______: Well, I guess I wouldn't be so afraid to talk to our boss and say, hey, look, I can't work at 6 in the morning. I need my coffee. And I need to get some more sleep, if you want me to perform better from, throughout the day. _______Andrew_______: And if you were able to do that, what would it give you, give you the, that you're currently are not having in your life, right now? _______Madison_______: Um, if you were, if, if you, she were allow me, allow me to, can I say the word that.. _______Andrew_______: If, if he were okay, if your new boss is allowing you to have this, okay? _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: Allowing you to do this in your new job, right? What would allow you to have in your life that you're currently not being allowed to have? _______Madison_______: Well, I guess, I could, you know, take a jog in the morning, get some oxygen in my brain, um, um, you know, read the paper, which I, I feel like, I need to get, you know, some insights, before I start riding at work and, and just grab more sleep and better health overall. _______Andrew_______: And then how would you show up differently in work in you currently are right now? How would that change that? _______Madison_______: I would be, I think I'd just be a happier person, to be with and work with. _______Andrew_______: And then how would that improve your old personal work environment? _______Madison_______: I mean I would hope that, because I'd be happier, and people around me might enjoy my presence more, and in turn, they might be happier too. _______Andrew_______: And then, and if that was the case, if everybody in the office have that same underline theme, happening to them also, how would that change the environment if everybody in the collective environment there? _______Madison_______: Um, I mean, I'm hoping that they can overall. Who knows, maybe we can all be, ah, ah, more productive? And I might be able to, you know, start a collective movement for everyone to do, become healthy overall and, who knows? _______Andrew_______: And then, how does that help you in your personal life, in the other areas if you would have that fulling completely? _______Madison_______: I guess, I guess, I would, you know, I'd feel accomplished, that I was able to help our, our office, become more productive and I, I think I could, you know, take it even enough further, and see what else we might be capable of doing and then connects coming once. _______Andrew_______: And knowing that, how does that change the potential of yourself? Knowing this now, looking at your current position is right now, I'm gonna stop with that, it's something you'd wanna pursue. _______Madison_______: Yeah. I think so, I think I could definitely, I mean, definitely, takes out the fear of, of worrying so much with, with a, a, what is he gonna think, if I'd ask him that. I think it doesn't, it doesn't hurt to try, right? _______Andrew_______: And, and also, are you living for him or living for yourself? _______Madison_______: That's very, yeah. I'm, I guess, yes, true, I'm living for myself and I, who knows l, I wanna be happy for myself not for my boss. _______Andrew_______: And also, if you're living for yourself, and if you're living by that part of you, that knows this, this is the right thing you'd be doing with that being more along the lines, of doing your so called calling in life. _______Madison_______: Definitely. Definitely. _______Andrew_______: And knowing that, how does that change your transform? How do you see your life right now? _______Madison_______: Um, I guess, I feel less guilt. _______Andrew_______: Okay. And what does that give you, having less guilt in, in who you are as a person? _______Madison_______: Um, I, I think I would be able to, accomplish much more, and, and be able to do all those things on my bucket list that I wanna do. _______Andrew_______: And, and knowing this, look at your life 5 years out from now, looking back, having this understanding, and knowing that you've taken this path. What might you say to yourself, looking back from the future, to your current self? _______Madison_______: I would say, I, I had no regret, everything I, I wanted to do, I did. _______Andrew_______: Okay. So that's a minute. That's it for a real, quick 5-minute coaching session.

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