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Letting go and moving forward


_______Madison_______: You were saying that, the metaphor is the analogy, is what we hear, the weight off the shoulder. _______Andrew_______: Yes. And you think about it, I mean, when the phone calls, phone rings, and you see it, somebody you don't wanna talk this, like 2000 pounds in analogy. And yet, where, where do you say it's come from? Because if we unconsciously have linked this particular energies or metaphors to these different circumstances, situations that happen to us, and we say, consciously and unconsciously, and yet, that's how we actually internalize all that information that becomes the baggage that we carry around. _______Madison_______: Hmm...hmm... _______Andrew_______: One of the experiments I have on my clients when I first start out, when they, they say they have a lot of so called, un, a, how do you say, undealt with baggage or packing around. This is, why didn't you imagine for one week when you wake up in the morning, that you have amnesia, to all those negative things that you have in the past, and it creeps up, you capture yourself over. The thing is, to make an intention there, if, if something from the past lifts up, that I may consciously work and to let it go and try it for one week, see, don't use the excuse saying, well, this is the way it's always been. That's how I start out. This is what happened to me, it's all like, let's forget the story, let's think the positive that was happened to, to where you at right now, and move forward based on that, not based upon looking the rear view mirror of your life, let's look at the windshield of your life and say, okay, what's up for you, and move forward now.

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