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Using Meditation & NLP for change


___________James Williams___________ You know break past into my journey is why you know, I found that and research supports that when people meditate regularly you know, regularly meaning on a daily basis, and you know meditation can be very-very different it could be still um sitting lying down it could be moving um meditation for me personally right now is-is where I'm using my senses so I'm transferring a meditative state into daily life and I'm seeing what's going on around me is well as being aware of my breathe so its um you know integrating it, so yes I encourage clients to use that meditative practice specially if there are people who, um feel they're emotionally reactive because meditation helps to, you know change that threshold so people are more patient the less irritable and they can tolerate more stress. ___________J.J. Thiret___________ Hmm ___________James Williams___________ Hope, and uh can be more motivative so I love to use these things with clients and really um what I'm looking for is to, see what's gonna get the most leverage in terms getting the change they want, and for some into meditation however you know that has a gradual cumulative effect and-and some other changes such as with L.N.P. which might involve changing their belief so that their identity can produce faster changes and then they can use meditation and mindfulness to cope with any emotions that kind of uh, you know process by their own conscious mind of the next few days after changing the belief. So works, it works well together.

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