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Being a life coach


____________JJ Thiret____________ I'd like to hear from you, in your voice, what is a life coach? ____________Chauncey Scott:____________ Okay, fair question, coz a lot of people you know, they, they, made, never even heard of it... Or, um, you know, they might have misconceptions on what is... A lot of people kind of think that it's um, it's kind of like counseling, or, or, it's something like that, but realistically what like, a life coach the, in, in my opinion, that everybody kinda has their own, like different definition of, my opinion, a life coach does, is, we're gonna get you to that result that you need, whatever the result is, that you're looking for. And that's why, a lot of times I call it, results coach, or assess coach, or when we get you into the result we need, um, and do it, however it is, that we need it, that may get it done, so the purpose is more of a word about, a lot of times. What's the back story, what's the reason behind this... Work, you know, all that stuff. My job is to get you going, um, really, I, I had a, a buddy of mine, that kind of, he just gave me a real bit of value for basically when you're starting a plane, and you're taking off. That's some of theroughest time that you'll have... And try to get up to when you can coast. ____________JJ Thiret____________ Get up the altitude, yeah. Yeah. ____________Chauncey Scott:____________ to the altitude exactly. So my job is to get you to the altitude, so you can soar, and you can coast, now, be it on your journey, you might have to go ahead, and, and, towards correct, and adjust a little bit, but, my job is to get you there, get you the tools that you need, to be able to, you know, take that path that you're looking for. And again, get you there, ah, as soon as possible

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