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The comfort zone


____________JJ Thiret____________ And I think that's great. And I think, life coaching is, is a really good after speaking with you now. A really good um, thing, because, mmm... And I was, in a, different interview, you know, we're not all alone, we're all inter, interconnected... And there's nothing wrong with people helping people, is there? ____________Chauncey Scott____________ No, absolutely no. And sometimes you need that person that give that push forward and have it ____________JJ Thiret____________ Yeah, and if you're not confident enough, and you see somebody else is confident, maybe then, after you're done faking it till you make it... Then you'll start believing, right? ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Yup. Oh, yeah. What, what, what happens is, whenever you know, I put some like on the 7-day challenge is, their body, their physiology, their, their thought pattern, and their focus, it becomes so great, if you're doing it, you know I tell them, you have to do it with all you got. Now, if you're doing it with all you got, every 5 or every minute, your body, your brain, and everything, it doesn't really wanna go back to where it was before. ____________JJ Thiret____________ Coz that would be uncomfortable, on it. ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Yes. Yes. Because you got a new, a new, you got a new confident level... It's all about always getting outside that comfort level, ____________JJ Thiret____________ And I think that's what, we all want to be comfortable, don't we? Yeah. And, um, and, change is difficult for a lot of people, isn't it? ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Yeah. ____________JJ Thiret____________ But um, yeah, ah, because of comfort, right? And, um, and we'd all wanna feel like we're in a, in it's really an illusion, isn't it? ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Well, yeah, I mean, absolutely. Is, it, it, people have, their, get comfortable, and they wanna stay in that comfort zone But anybody that's ever done anything, we, we considered, you know, great in life. They've always got outside their comfort zones. They've always done something... And they've always push themselves into the next level. And that's the only way, I could, you go to the gym, and you're, you're working to, you know, to built, to built a bicep, or to built anything. You're not gonna just keep going the same way over and over again. Sooner or later, what that weight is gonna get, too light for you, even if you do got, why am I still doing this? And then, you're gonna say, if I wanna grow, I got to push myself... So you know, every few weeks, or maybe every month or so, you got to push yourself, you got to push yourself... To that next level. You gotta push yourself to the next thing. And it's funny, that we'd do that, if some might be serious about, you know, losing weight, they do that in gym, a lot of times, they won't do that in their home. So, you know, the, the, you push yourself there, but you gotta push yourself throughout everything. ____________JJ Thiret____________ Yeah. It's not just a, a thought, so um, from what I'm hearing, kind of summarizing... You're, you, you talk to them, get them to in vision, um, where they'd like to go... You help them formulate a plan... Take action, because... It's just a thought without an action after 24 hours. ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Absolutely. ____________JJ Thiret____________ And that, not to be, frustrated this early, but understand, you know, to be happy with the progress where they at by looking where they came from, and even though they may not be at their goal yet. ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Absolutely. Absolutely.

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The comfort zone

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