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Concept about resilience


_______Sue(Bowe) Mckee____ There's actually a broader context of resilience and hmmm... When I first came in context or first started looking into the concept of resilience, I saw it in the environmental field or in the environmental context so; it's actually a several launches beyond sustainability. When we think of someone or a system being, sustainable, it's maintaining itself, right for on and ongoing basis. Enough for all forever is kind of a very generic definition of sustainability. Resilience is something different that when we look at it in the context style of our business as an entrepreneur, or we look at it in the context of your household as a you know, as a family member or our community or our leadership. Resilience is the ability to actually shift and transform the ability to adapt to the specific circumstances that are happening, especially on the phase of something that's unexpected or uncertain. How comfortable are we with uncertainty? In this teen age, we need to be, because change is happening at an ever increasing phase. So, you know, the ability of being at ease with uncertainty is a resilience trait

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