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Nlp and limiting beliefs


_____Patricis Mc Adam____ NLP, it's a, uhm, jargon. It uh, stands for Neural Linguistics Programming and its been around, I believe since like at least the 70s and <?> before that and have evolved. So the way that I like to, the way that I like to explain it, really, the neuro is us thinking the thoughts, linguistics is uhm, the words that you speak or the language it can be just linguistic and also the language. And programming, so it's essentially you're looking at, your, the language, your beliefs and your thoughts. You're looking at that as the foundation for change and really to oversimplify it, you're learning to let go of the ne-, all those negative language thoughts and beliefs and to learn, to learn to relearn positive ones, empowering ones that work for you. I call it in a way, look at NLP as uhm, it's a wonderful toolkit for change. It's like almost uhm, I can use the analogy of a, of a software program. It's a really, it's really advance software program that, uhm, I'm not a techie so this may not work this analogy but it's just like, it's like installing a really new, new software program, a faster and better and quicker that uh, that has no bugs or viruses or anything. Uhm, so we use NLP to really to reframe experiences, to reframe your beliefs, to work at the level of beliefs because beliefs are so powerful, you know, both the positive beliefs that you have and the limiting beliefs, the negative self-limiting beliefs. Some common limiting beliefs are, is about our sense of worthiness. So, so there's limiting beliefs such as "I am not good enough, I am not worthy enough, I am not good enough". So this is, it's actually, it's a common limiting, limiting belief with a lot of people whether its traumatic events that happened in our childhood, growing up or or later. So it's that sense that you're not good enough, I mean, you're not worthy enough which impacts all of the, impacts your, your going after your dreams and your goals and actions. Beliefs we say always perceived action so if you feel crappy about yourself, then that's going to reflect in the actions that you take or the inaction so you won't necessarily, perhaps, uh, take really big risks uhm, start up an ow- your own business or do other things that require you to feel really good about yourself, you can, but those may stop you, they may create roadblocks.

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