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How NLP can help you run your own life


_______Andrew_______: The key thing for what I do with clients is break it down small enough so they can start seeing what steps they can take over the next 2 weeks to a month. But then also with NLP, it allows them to get the tools that help them to get beyond the limiting belief skip, beyond the chatter, understanding that what goes on our head, what we see, and what we hear, we're the observer of that. We're not the actual so called, creator of it, we're, we're, we're watching this old tapes that are being passed through. The old audio recordings and so forth, and when you're able to step back and become the observer of the, of, of, of your life, and that sense, the true sense, the word, you start realizing you have a lot more control than you have, choices every moment of your day. Be it from the fact, when you get up in the morning, what's gonna be your first thoughts? What're you gonna be saying to yourself in the shower? You know, how are you going to respond instead of reacting to the situations? How to catch yourself from those moments, the day where you find yourself called, I couldn't done that differently but I did it because I didn't have time to think. That's a great line that people like to say. Oh, it's too busy! And yet my question always back as well, if you weren't thinking, what were you doing then? They are aware of what they did at that moment, but for a lack of better word, it didn't come up on their priority list and how they wanna deal with that particular situation or, or, or that individual and so forth. So they go with the habitual, you know, this is how I've always done it. This is the way, you know, I always seem to do it. And also setting boundaries, that's the other thing that people are finding, um, um, coaching perspective is that, people love to befriend someone but not have boundaries set up in the work. Being with their personal friends or acquaintances, and if I may start compromising themselves to plan what they gave building the situation, and they started getting overwhelmed. They started getting depressed. And they start getting, how do I change this? And next thing you know, they're life is running them, instead of them running their life.

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