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Add value before you recieve


Looking as a great strategy to get yourself out there and promote yourself not just for business but even if both of you are trying to make a career you need to be seen you need to be heard, what most people dont really get though is that networking means you have to add value all the time and sometimes you're talking to people who have much more experience than you and you think I can't add value, but believe me you can always, always add value you could introduce into someone else that they dont know that could be useful to them and in business you could introduce into another business and create more opportunities there's always something you can do to add value, you can give them some time management tips not even save them somewhere and where it's appropriate to be a bit more personal buy them a coffee but most people who networks they are a networking purpose and getting up (inaudible) or getting more business and most yeah thats quite true and (inaudible) objective when you go out and do this if you dont add value first no ones actually probably going to do anything for you, everyone needs the what's in it for me answered and answered well for them to actually appreciate you who you are, you arent always going to meet people who are going to reciprocate and you have to work that out and it does take time I understand that but this sort of concept if it crosses over in to every aspect of your life you know if I want something from someone I need to give first and then I will receive, you will receive I mean karma what goes around comes around it does exist, from a business point of view, it's hard work, it takes time anything anyone knew that you meet they are starting to make contact with can say that six months before you receive anything back but at the time you're actually thinking that you're making low contacts and so are these contacts can be valuable mentors valuable advices and some of them even turn in to friends and youve got to put yourself out there and do it and a lot of people say but Im nervous I do want to do it, it's scary and I agree with all of the above I've been networking for years very successfully and I felt terrified every time I end up a room for the people I dont know but you just got to be brave and smile and start with hello and see where that goes from there, hello is the easiest invite into a conversation and if people dont want to include you in their conversation or they ignore your request to meet all that work well just step back and I dont take that personally they may not be the sort of person you actually want to network with because if you meet someone who also believes that I've got to add valuable for I can receive then life gets just that much easier and I dont care whether thats networking personally for your career or for your business it does works, so you must remember get out there smile say hello and just try and add some value before you ask for anything.

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