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Sometimes takes time


That one is a good one what is something that you feel strongly about but knowingly people like when where you on but first of all it's impossible to please everybody because there's trillions and billions of different UCI or trillions and billions of different unique celestial identity that creates huge chaos because everybody sees the world through their own eyes and through their identification and through their experience and through their stars thats when it comes down to it. People dont want to agree with me other people dont know me so either they see the way I present the material very confidently sometimes aggressively, passionately they take it personally because they're very sensitive so and that is understandable but again it only dont tease dont change your minds it will educate yourself as a human being if you take a chance and open it to all you will understand that I have much more to offer you and thats my presentation in myself should be perceive on (inaudible) and egocentric because maybe inside you're feeling insecure in yourself or you know we all have insecurity or that youve already have (inaudible) and that comes into play when I do some of my denigrate of (inaudible) so cast it aside do your home work okay and sometimes things takes time, I remember this lady once came in my house and I was doing a recitation where I told her that I tell her (inaudible) you might have some problem in your relationship and they seem you know what she stand up she said how dare you to tell me and my husband were going to divorce and she shut my (inaudible) she run off the office and never pay me okay, two years later somebody came standing on (inaudible) was referred to you by this person and she was asking me if she still have the tape I said who's that person so many people (inaudible) remember she said well you got to remember this one she left and never paid you because you told her that (inaudible) was going to ruin her marriage and that it was a restructure taking place that she doesnt (inaudible) and how to and believe she mean that having problem was because of marriage so that person is the one who has referred me and shes asking me or so if she could have her tape and she wants to pay you now so you know it took 2 years, it took 2 years for that person to strongly agree with me and thats why time has always been my utmost faithful partner we need time we need time to understand might work understand opportunity we need to put ourselves aside and not to judge me or assume because Im confident, knowledgeable and born as an (inaudible) very competitive to think Im (inaudible) anytime Im trying to teach you something okay so just understand that and then were going to be able to agree on so many topics but the most important thing that I know that people agree with me is (inaudible) we agree with me because they will realize something a little bit special about me that is my faith okay thats far the very special side that I own guess what you're only two the only thing is Im conscious of it and you're not so Im (inaudible) and you're not so by assuming that Im egocentric but not understanding my competitive nature and thinking Im another (inaudible) you are shutting down the light that should be coming your way be smart and at least (inaudible) and try to agree with me and give yourself a chance to open the door, the door is going to lead you to the ultimate opportunity to established and once your financial spiritual abilities because again remember I created the American dream because I know okay thats my keyword I know not just as power as nice as evil do not feed evil do not misuse a super conscious (inaudible) realize that will have (inaudible) is just about to grow and reconnecting with the spirit was that (inaudible) god speak to this child and lastly it this is the last taping I have to do to you remember god created the stars and the (inaudible) more than the sake of purity you hear them to us so that we may lead a safer more productive life just remember those three kings following the stars to the birth of Christ they were no kings they were (inaudible) they knew a supreme human being was to be born and to lead humanity into the understanding of our father in the heavens sad enough the word of those three wise men to match the idea of astrologist was not understood it reflect to try out a possible to transient of the zodiac the 12 hours of the day the 12 months of the year the 12 saints the 12 jury the beauty of the divinity of the creator.

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