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The essence of beauty


_______________________Leona Wallace_________________ you know it is interesting the contrast is we have this perception and it's all about beauty in the fashion industry. But working within the fashion industry is all about insecurity, lack of self-love, it was like a struggle, it was a cart that's beating yourself up, never feeling good enough, never feeling pretty enough. You know what, and it was just always like a... like you are pushing, right? _______________________Madison_____________________ Yeah. ______________________Leona Wallace___________________and now, it's taking that, it's taking a step back and like "Wait a minute; it is... about... what is supposed to look like." It is really about what is supposed to feel like. And it starts with each individual personal in the inside. Like we really... we go the process like we feel like we've kind of wake up and we start to remember what our desires are, we starts to remember those times when we felt beautiful. You know a little like, we never felt, there's point where we never felt ugly or judged or we Polly stout like we were... we could fly and we were the most beautiful creature in the phase of the earth, and so I like to bring people about to that point. Because that's probably the closest point we can get where we really like other highest, you know, energetically, vibrationally, it said it is a great process!

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