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Practice makes perfect


JJ: Do you find... Once they come in to your studio, when they are frustrated like you talked about doing poses, that they're immediately wanting to be able to do everything that you do or do everything that an advanced student does and become frustrated, maybe even drop out because they're wanting that immediate gratification. And, so, my question is, is that your biggest pain when it comes to... After the evaluation, the comprehensive evaluation, is that your biggest pain that you face when trying to make a difference at them? Umang: Actually, I didn't think of it like that because the evaluation itself is done in such a manner, so they understand. I talk about these things. To me, it's very important that they understand. I follow the Bhagavad Gita, that's the Indian bible so to speak very well because what it says is do your best in whatever you do, do your action with integrity, and honesty, and truth, and with a lot of love and joy. Don't worry about the results. Time is a very big thing. Nobody can beat time. So, why aren't you doing your action or your effort, and leave the rest? When you do that, when you drop that, it becomes so blissful, so joyful. Why am I worried about when will it happen? You know, and I have a mother who is just amazing. I talk to her everyday, everyday of my life. And, I have a coach who I met in 2007 who's amazing. Between these two people, I feel like God has given me the whole universe. You know, I imbibe these things from them everyday. This is who I am. This is what I give. I don't deny even getting involved in the part that I... I hear the frustration, but immediately, I'm able to calm them, and I tell them that, you know, I had beginnings of arthritis, I had beginnings of lower back pain. It took me one year of solid practice, seven days a week, and they all like said, "Oh, my God!" because they don't do it seven days a week to get rid of all of them.

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