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Becoming one with nature


Well, this is interesting question about the usual belief or feelingly have about life, health, relationships whatever Im pretty made focus now on becoming one with one with nature going in nature when you're drawing with nature we become part of her the whole recompression with all that is and everything in nature is moving with us is part us is never separate from us so we have a companionship with nature that I think having say ideas that were drawing in a true nature requires what you called spiritual work what about true nature is be with all the spirit all this consciousness all that is we are part of we've never been separate from all that is it was of who am I sold to (inaudible) if I work with the isolated (inaudible) theyve been abandoned theyve been hurt and injured and experiencing you know human being should ever experience or trauma if in any other trauma thats everybody in the family seriously I this is a strange belief possibly I consider a personal observation in working with a soldier in their family or even if working individually with a soldier coming back from the wars and then meeting their family I can almost see that mom holding their 2 little babies in the back of the home V or their tank whatever vehicle they're in and their after Afghanistan but they're never separated they're never apart of course the technology connect us very clearly to that, that it's not even a belief we know were connected to this energy feel through our cell phones or other kinds of communication devices like were doing right here now is remarkable we have this technology this is just part of nature bringing our self closer to ourselves and all that is and the way we can do that I discovered from myself is one be honest be open if the nature is be accepting nature doesnt detect anything be allowing you got to allow whatever happens if there's going to be a storm why would you want to get in the way with it with your worries and tears and insecurities and other things that blocking the experience of joining nature and being one with it and if were going to get that way if you dont want get accepting and allowing of ourselves and being appreciating this opportunity we have as human beings experience then now so as we speak to be here in the moment with all that is it's a feeling beyond feelings it's a thought beyond thoughts it's a connection and relationship that indescribable when we truly join our true nature because I understand what we experiences physical connected to our ego mechanisms of course and thats not where we want to be we want to be like to mere or witnessing this experience we are like a mere witnessing an inside experience without thoughts without judgment without interpretation without analysis comfortably absorbing and witnessing and being part as a whole totally embrace sort of speak with comfort and love and kindness and there's nothing to do.

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