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Life is really up to us


I have a sentence that was share with me years ago and I dont know quite honestly where it originate but it basically is a sentence but thats formed with a series of words and words actually are two letter words and I want kind of bring this home but for stickers all well and good adopting them and applying them consistently is what I find makes the difference but in this case I wont keep the anxiety out there too much longer for you it is simple and I goes like this and this really is the key to empower (inaudible) is also the key for those of you who may place blame and find fault Im sure I never do that but when I do if I come back and when I call this quote it helps me to get back on track it goes like this if it is to be some of you who already field in or ask by now it is up to me now if Im on a team it is up to us but in my own life again if I intend to accomplish something let say again a career transition I can't rely on others to ensure my success if it is to be it is up to me now granted if it is to be in a career transition it maybe up to us in the sense that I will be the driver of that transition but I'll also have resources hurtfully that I can call upon to help me that I can do some delegation in order to accomplish more in a shorter period time but if it is to be it is up to me really is a way of saying that you know I cannot get away with this saying for me or if they had done this or this had occurred to me it really forces me to begin to change what's going on by looking at myself first and admitting the truth and that truth often can be I really am looking for a escape there Im looking for a rational as require something is not occurring the way I wanted to occur so adopt that one lighter thats sin itch put it there by your computer if necessary program it anyway in to your mind and the good news is I think that in fact you will say that you will become more empowered in less blaming the other side is you'll find yourself if you're like to any time I start moaning and groaning then I have that the back of my mind that says mark what about you if it is to be it's up to you that so that by was says get on with it change the circumstances if it's something I can change adopt a serenity prayer and just acknowledge that and move on so in my mind thats a belief that I think will serve you well if you can buy in to it and live it out particularly living it out consistently good luck with that.

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