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Adding diving into life coaching


_________Jason Sugar___________ And, simultaneously, it was actually in a coaching conversation. So, during my coaching training, I was in a conversation with a good colleague of mine, a fellow student. We were at the end of our program, and, he was asking me, we were, I was exploring what would my own ideal life look like? And, one, one thing that came to mind was living in the tropics, diving, um, enjoying the elements. Uh, I love tropics. I love the sunshine, and I love the water. And, uh, uh, I love diving. And so, well he said, "What if you could have that?" You know, this is Coaching 101, and, um, I said, "Wow. OK. Then, I mean, I, I could do that? I could have that?" He said, "Yeah, go for it." So I then, quickly, that, later that year, I went to, um, Utila, Honduras. I researched a good place to get my, become a dive instructor, and, um, and, uh, so I did that. I went and became a dive instructor, and spent a most of a year and a half there diving and teaching, and then I also came up with the idea. putting diving and coaching together, because diving is a phenomenal context for personal growth. I mean, first, on so many levels. Uh, I mean, metaphorically it's brilliant. I mean, you're diving into, you're diving into the subconscious. Physically, it's a new world. It's a completely new world, foreign to us, unknown. That's what's so scary for a lot of us, a lot of people. Um, and so, and it's fun. Oh my God, is it fun. And it's exciting, it's adventurous, and it's, it's mystical. I sometimes have the most mystical ex. I feel like I'm connected to the whole, to the universe when I'm down there. It's peaceful. It's quiet. The experience of being weightless; it's just phenomenal. You, you, you know. It's, so, so, that's kind of, that's, so that's why is so leading up to today is, uh, uh, I. So, I do, I am an instructor and I do I train certified people, new divers and experienced divers through, um, through new levels of training through Patty, which is the world's largest and most respected dive training organization but, um, my, my specialty, what I'm really passionate about is working with people who have a fear of, uh, of deep water. And I use scuba diving, ironically, or strangely enough, you might think, as a context to help people break through that fear, and to experience more self-confidence, to develop more confidence, more freedom not just around, it turns out, not just around deep water but in, in their life. Because you don't have to dive very deep into your subco-, into your mind, to find the source, you know, looking for the source of, of why they're afraid of water to find a fundamental barrier that actually impacts all their, all areas of life. So it's, it's, it's awesome work, because it's, you know, we're in a fun context, and it's challenging, and it's and they, people see results right away. They, uh, it's just, it's a couple of women here, uh, I uh, run a couple of programs here, uh, in Vancouver, the first session there's always some level of breakthrough 'cause we get, they're under the water with scuba gear, swimming around, and they're like, "Oh my God. I can't believe this." And then, sometimes they like to do two or three sessions, where they just become more and more familiar and more comfortable under the water, playing with their buoyancy, and they do some skills that I do as I, as I certify people so that they experience as more of a challenge. And it, so it doesn't take long for people to experience real results, in, in terms of a breakthrough. And, as a coach, that's really gratifying, just to see clients taking action and, and, well before the action, to discover their, their barriers, to do the work ? inner work and outer work ? to break the barriers and then to completely, not only have a result, being able to dive, but having a new experience of themselves and of their life.

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