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Combining procedures in life coaching


__________Harry Kroner__________ Very good, ah, my pleasure. Well, I do, ah.. I combine life coaching, combine N.L.P., and ah.. hypnosis is part of, of a the soul thing together, and really create kind of my own style of it, but it, it really is re, ah.. the most important part of it is combining it in a way that will help people to raise themselves the best version of themselves, to bring it to the, to the, to your ideal, and , and clear yourself, and to clear yourself at all levels you first you would have to let go of, of the negative parts that are, are pulling you down that are really conquering you down, and, and pulling you, your.. your entire energy system, amm..both emotionally, and mentally, and spiritually, amm.. and this is where really what I focus on of, focus on mostly on the mental, emotional, and spiritual level of helping people to raise it to the other level of, of a, of being into a better place, amm.. within themselves, to a happier, healthier place. So I do, amm.. many different levels, and many different places and I do hope it is said like; amm.. smokers a, a, amm..lot of, amm.. healthier lifestyle, but a lot of it is also again, ah, amm.. on the mental and emotional part, and just finding yourself in a better place within, amm..approaching life again, ah, and, amm.. really should think to a more mindful way of being, to a, ah..really, a, approaching everything your life. We can really experience life as it is, you know, better, clearer way.

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