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Desire and fear are connected


_______________________Leona Wallace____________________ Could you tell me that this is an interesting part that there are brain that... The brain will fit fear is why they are done, is the same brain wave is desire? __________________Madison______________ Hmmm... __________________Leona Wallace_______________ Yeah, they just feel that out. I thought that' cool! That linked on the same brain wave, so by asking their questions, and figuring out what your fears really are, we can figure out what your desires are, and turn it around that quick. ____________________Madison________________ Amazing. ______________________Leona Wallace__________________ Sort of focusing on the desire, right? We'll focusing on the positive. Just, Boom, let's go. ________________________Madison_______________ That's amazing. Wow, so, if I am getting it correctly, we are taking what we have on the same wavelength as what we are holding the negativity in, is actually also on the same wavelength as where the positivity is? ____________________Leona Wallace_________________ The contrast, yeah! From the same wavelength, just like one ended a [[teager tagger??]] which I need focus on. ______________________Madison___________________ That's amazing! I want the desires at! I want the desires at! ______________________Leona Wallace_________________ And that's what's been happening, you ask where my life is changed in the last year, this huge desire to travel, huge desire to experience these different cultures, and to assist people to awakening their inner beauty, and just when I start saying yes, yes, yes, yes, I am walking to those fears, knowing that the fear and the desire that connected I just "Oh, I can do this!" not to say that there are scary moments, still. I just processed it faster.

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