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Beliefs that empower you


Yes I feel quite strongly about something that not a lot of people will agree with me and thats okay because you know it's not necessarily the truth but it's true for me and I (inaudible) believe and I (inaudible) that I chose my life experience here on earth at this time that are actually you know chosen to be here and that I chosen people or as I go you know my (inaudible) family you know to be around those people at this time and it's something I believe in because it was really helped me to get through you now I've had some quite difficult, difficult challenges to overcome in my life and I came across in my on my reading and research as well I guess over the years and you know I tend to agree with the concept that yeah I've chosen this I believe it's not the first time I've been here I believe I've been here many times and each time its you know an opportunity to grow and expand who I am so, it also really resonates with me in terms of my what would I say my desire in the evolution of you know my path if you like and the evolution of life and that everything that I do has an impact on the planet on the universe even so it's really so Im quite conscious I know I aspire to being conscious all the time and its not something that I continually I mean sometimes I fall of the way and (inaudible) ill get it right however I (inaudible) for most part believe that I am to life, what the leaf is to the tree, the wave is to the ocean you know were all part of the same, the same unit or all sorts of energy were all one, were all you know interacting with other and yet you know were it's we are all just one because were holographic were all connected and you know there arent too many people in my life agree with that necessarily and thats probably okay because there's no judgment there's no criticism about it it's a beliefs that I hold and works for me gets me through has got me through some of the really difficult times and it's empowering because it really has taught me to take responsibility for my life and yeah I do feel strongly by that and for the people dont agree with me thats probably okay I dont there is no judgment it's fine yeah.

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