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Everything happens for me not to me


From the moment were born, we start collecting information about the world around us and we start building this elaborate mental model of how the world should be according to all the information that we've acquired through the years . Comes from our families or communities, our culture , our churches , whatever and we respond to the world based on that mental model . So, we don't see reality as it truly is . We see it through the filter of our mental model. That's why you might have 3 people witnessing something in each of a different story because it's based on their own mental model. So, because of this, I started looking at the world in a different way. I started looking at it as everything happens for me not to me. That way, I'm not looking at it as a victim , I'm looking at it as person who wants to learn and grow and evolve and respond to others in a way that it's respectful to both them and myself. I found that using this philosophy, that my life has become more peaceful, that I've got many more opportunities. Synchronicity is just phenomenal and I looked at people in a totally different way . Before, I didn't really realized that I was projecting my own beliefs unto others so I interpreted their actions in a way that I thought ,Wow that was terribly rude! or whatever it might be. When I started looking at it from a different way, what was inside me that made me interpret their actions in that way? Maybe they were thinking the same about me? We all have different mental models, very unique. We need to relish that and cherish that and learn from that.

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