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80 percent is enough


The beliefs that I have that maybe unique is that I think 80 per cent right is mostly good enough, now many people will tell you that they dont think that anything less than a hundred per cent is an acceptable solution particularly in business, but I've been in business for a long time and in my experience if I get most of the answer right I generally find that the event goes on smoothly and what I deliver is more than acceptable. Let me give you an example, a long time ago I was writing a document on a computer and I was barely nearly finish when the computer crashed I lost all the work that I had because I havent been saving it as I went along, what I ended up doing then was re-writing the document I re-wrote it as quickly as I could based on what I could remember that I've previously written and as (inaudible) a couple of days later I was able to retrieve the earlier copy that I thought has been lost, when I printed them out the one decides spend a lot of time and care over which had been lost in my mind was very similar to the one that I wrote later that was shorter more punchy and much more focus I thought that, that 80 per cent write quick and dirty wouldnt be as good but in fact it was good.

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