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Yoga is my passion

Yoga is my passion

The truth about drugs

The truth about drugs

Consequences of growing older

Consequences of growing older

Consequences of growing older

Consequences of growing older

A healthy body houses a healthy mind

A healthy body houses a healthy mind

Dealing with stress in business life

Dealing with stress in business life

They feel better when their healthier

They feel better when their healthier

Maintain both mental and physical health

Maintain both mental and physical health

L.A.C.E. four components to become more resilient

L.A.C.E. four components to become more resilient

There's no point of working hard if you're not healthy

There's no point of working hard if you're not healthy

Emdr procedures

Emdr procedures

Breathing says it all

Breathing says it all

Ways to be more balanced

Ways to be more balanced

Stress management and control

Stress management and control

Avoid genetically modified organisms

Avoid genetically modified organisms

New concepts in personal development

New concepts in personal development

Nutrition affects how humans absorb energy

Nutrition affects how humans absorb energy

There is no should in trying to be healthier

There is no should in trying to be healthier

Rewiring of neuropathways for stroke patients

Rewiring of neuropathways for stroke patients

Your kids and spouse wants you to be alive and healthy

Your kids and spouse wants you to be alive and healthy

Testing your resiliency

Testing your resiliency

Overcoming the "d"s

Overcoming the "d"s

Healthier body healthier mind

Healthier body healthier mind

Being healthy equals being happy

Being healthy equals being happy

Getting old is just an state of mind

Getting old is just an state of mind

The effects of alcohol in the brain

The effects of alcohol in the brain

Immune system and the auto immune disease

Immune system and the auto immune disease

Equal rights for people with mental illness

Equal rights for people with mental illness

Small things to do to avoid accidents

Small things to do to avoid accidents

The danger of modern technology to the next generation

The danger of modern technology to the next generation

Quick Tips:

Eating frequently increases nutrition

If you eat every 3 or 4 hours, it can actually boost your metabolism, causing your body to use its stored nutrition. You'll also process the foods you eat, getting more nutrition from them.

Noah W.

Protein provides long term energy

Protein is a very important part of your nutritional intake. Protein provide long-term energy for your body, and will help you avoid an energy crisis at mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and mid-night.

Albert A.

Carbohydrates provide quick energy

Carbohydrates, such as starches and sugary food, provide you with quick energy. That's why you may crave a candy bar at mid-afternoon, because the sugar hit your system immediately for an upper.

Rose B.

Fats are essential to health

The purpose of fats in your diet are to make your digestive system run more smoothly and help your body produce collagin and stay supple. Cutting fats out of your diet can be detrimental to your health.

Anthony C.

The right oils help your body

Health fats to include in your diet are olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, avocados, olives, and nuts, along with nut butters. Your body will use these kinds of oils in the proper way, rather than making fat.

Grace D.

You may be thirsty, instead of hungry

Did you know that many times, your body will mistake dehydration for hunger pangs? If you find yourself getting the munchies, think back to the last time you had a drink of water.

Bobby E.

Green tea has many health benefits

One of the best drinks for you is green tea. Not only does this help you with weight loss, but this drink is also full of antioxidants. Some researchers think that it helps prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, and guards against infections.

Gregory R.

Blueberries great for cancer and memory loss

Blueberries are not only delicious, they are excellent for your health. Full of antioxidants, blueberries also help prevent cancer and reverse memory loss.

Sandra S.

Eat mangoes fresh or use in sauces

Not only are mangoes a delicious fruit, but they are also full of vitamin C. They also have plenty of vitamin A and fiber. Eat mangoes by themselves or incorporate into sauces.

Larry T.

Have yogurt for a morning or afternoon snack

If you are looking for a new morning or afternoon snack, try yogurt. Not only is it great for you, but it is also low in calories. Remember to get unsweetened low-fat yogurt. If you want more flavor, add some fresh fruit.

Stephanie W.

Salmon is full of omega-3 fats

Salmon is an excellent choice for any dinner. It is full of omega-3 fats, which can help reduce sudden deaths from heart attacks. Not only is this fish good as a main course, but you can also use it to make delicious appetizers.

Walter A.

Get plenty of leafy greens

You may have avoided them as a child, but those leafy greens are great for you. If you are still not into spinach, you have other choices such as kale, mustard greens, and collar greens.

Joe B.

Quit smoking for a healthy heart

Smoking is the first thing you should quit if you are serious about protecting your heart and health. If you are smoker, then you are have double the chance of getting a heart attack than a smoker. SO, quit now for a better heart.

Gabriel C.

Cut down on sodium intake

Salt and sodium contribute to high blood pressure which in turn can lead to a heart attack. Cut back on processed foods that have high sodium content and instead opt for healthy fruits and vegetables.

Charles D.

Watch for cholesterol levels

Foods that are deep-fried or contain too much oils and fats lead to the build up of cholesterol High cholesterol levels can clog your heart and this can lead to a heart attack quickly. So, stay away from anything that is rich and fat.

Eric E.

Have a balanced diet for a better heart

Your diet should be balanced and should include a good amount of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This will keep you healthy and will reduce the chance of having a heart stroke.

Brandon F.

Avoid sugary and fatty foods

Avoid foods that are high in sugar and saturated fats such as donuts, pastries, cakes and biscuits as this can clog your arteries soon. It will also lead to an excessive weight gain that puts you at a higher chance for heart-related diseases.

Roy G.

Reduce or eliminate alcohol intake

Drinking too much of alcohol puts excess pressure on the blood vessels in your heart. As it mixes with the blood, the density of the blood increases and this lead to high pressure in your heart.

Russell H.

Exercise daily for a healthy heart

Your heart requires a moderate amount of physical exertion for the blood to run smoothly between the blood vessels. Each heart beat pumps blood into the blood vessels and exercise can boost the flow of blood. So, exercise daily.

Jonathan I.

Work towards having a healthy weight

Overweight people have a higher chance of having a heart failure because the extra fat can put more pressure on your blood vessels and it becomes difficult for the heart to pump blood. So, strive to maintain a healthy weight always.

Christina J.

Check your BP and cholesterol regularly

You should frequently check the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol with your doctor. Monitoring these levels closely can reduce your chance of a heart failure and will help you to take immediate action at the slightest increase.

Benjamin K.

Beat stress in every way possible

Stress is a huge factor that can lead to heart problems because you will not tend to lead a healthy life when you are constantly worried or stressed out. So, take it easy and try to give utmost priority to your health.

Carl L.

Family history plays a role too

The chances of developing a heart disease depends to a fair extent on your family history. If you have a family history of heart diseases, then you have to take additional steps to ensure that it does not get to you.

Virginia M.

Keep an eye out for symptoms of asthma

Asthma is a common disease. If you think you might have asthma, keep an eye out for the symptoms. These include coughing, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, and wheezing.

Amber F.

Detox can be done using a variety of supplements

Detoxing is not just used for weight loss. Detox is a great way to get toxins out of your body. Your detox may include just diet or you migt also take supplements as well.

Jerry G.

Ways to reduce chance of heart disease

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of heart disease. These include lowering your cholesterol, quit smoking, and controling your weight.

Jose H.

Prevent disease with early screening

One way to prevent or deal with many diseases is with screening. Many diseases can be prevented or cured if they are caught early. This is especially important if you have a family heritage of these diseases.

Donald I.

Plan ahead what you will eat at a restaurant

Make sure that eating out is not as dangerous by planning what you are going to have at the restaurant ahead of time. Nowadays, many restaurants offer a healthy section.

Philip J.

Drink water to suppress your appetite

Before you eat, drink a full glass of water to fill up before your meal comes. Also ask to have the bread basket sent away, so you don't start snacking on it.

Christopher K.

Split your dessert to avoid eating the whole dish

If you must have dessert after your meal, split it with your companion or ask the waiter to wrap up half of it before you start. Otherwise, it will be too easy to eat the whole thing.

Jesse L.

Order dressings and sauces on the side

Order all dressings and sauces on the side. This helps you eat less because the odds are you do not need all of it. Just add enough for flavor. Also be careful about what dressings and sauces you do order.

Bryan M.

Set aside half your large meal for later

If you know that a certain restaurant has large portions, ask the waiter to set aside half of your food in a doggy bag. It will prevent you from overeating, and you can eat the other half for another meal.

Kenneth N.

Take steps to stay energized

If you feel energetic, it is much easier to accomplish everything you need to and feel good doing it. Make sure you get enough sleep, and if you need a boost of energy go for a quick walk.

Susan O.

A good diet and exercise helps you age gracefully

If you are looking to slow aging, stick to a healthy diet and regular exercise. The foods you eat should also be high in antioxidants. Avoid proccessed foods.

Denise G.

Relax and drink water to counter aging

Stress can contribute to your aging. Try to do things that relax you and meditate. Additionally, drink plenty of water to help clear out your system and keep looking young.

Ann H.

Fermented foods contribute to anti-aging

You probably know that your food choices can contribute to anti-aging, but did you know that you should eat fermented foods? These include sourdough bread and kefir.

Logan I.

Taking time to play can help with anti-aging

Getting time to play is important if you are looking to slow the signs of aging. Let go of your worries for a while and do something you love either with friends or family or by yourself.

Frances K.

Eat right and exercise to get better skin

Get healthy looking skin starts by eating right. You need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid fried foods. Getting enough exercise also contributes to good skin.

Ashley L.

Always use sunblock to protect your skin

One of the biggest tips for your skin is to always use sunblock lotion. Even when you do not think it is sunny enough, you are getting exposed to UV rays.

Andrea M.

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for you

Omega 3 fatty acids are actually very helpful in treating dry eyes. No, you don't use them as eyedrops. You can either geth the Omega 3s by eating fish or taking supplements. It's also good for your skin.

Jerry G.

Breakfast for better health

Eating a healthy breakfast that includes high-fiber cereal or grains, non-fat milk and fruits can prevent life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and stroke and can also help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Jose H.

Go for fresh and unprocessed foods

Processed foods pack more calories and have little nutrients because a lot is lost during processing. So, choose fresh and unprocessed foods like salads whenever possible for a more nutritional meal.

Donald I.

Avoid overeating at any cost

Overeating is a common problem that can lead to excessive weight gain. So, be conscious of your portions and stop when you feel full. Never get to a point where you feel stuffed, irrespective of whats in your plate.

Philip J.

Limit vitamin supplements

Many people tend to substitute food with vitamin supplements as a means to get a better health. Unfortunately, this will back-fire because the intake of excessive supplements can create imbalance between different vitamin groups in the body.

Christopher K.

Eat six small meals a day

Eating six small meals a day can prevent you from over-eating and will also keep you full throughout the day. Moreover, frequent eating will regulate your blood sugar levels and will help you to stay healthy.

Jesse L.

Drink 10 or more glasses of water daily

The USDA recommends at least ten glasses of water everyday. You can try to have one glass with each of the six meals and four more through the day. Drink more if you consume excess amounts of caffeine or alcohol.

Bryan M.

Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily

Eating a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables daily can provide all the nutrition you need and will also help you to feel full. They are low in calories and will help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Kenneth N.

Read food labels carefully

Food labels can say a lot about the nutritional value of the food that you find on the stores. So, read the labels carefully and avoid anything that has excess amounts of sodium or sugar.

Susan O.

Eat whole grains during every meal

Whole grains are more nutritious and will keep you full for a longer period of time. They are a great choice over processed foods and so, try as much as possible to eat whole grains during every meal

Vincent P.

Drink skim milk and water to quench your thirst

Drinking excessive amounts of soda, alcohol, sports drinks, coffee and tea can lead to the build-up of empty calories and this can lead to excessive weight gain. So, have them less frequently and opt for skim milk or water when you feel thirsty.

Hannah Q.

Have spicy food to lift your mood

If you feel down or depressed, then its a good time to try something spicy like cayenne pepper or curry powder. These spicy foods contain endorphins that help to boost your emotional well-being.

Julie R.

Choose fresh fruit over fruit juices

Its better to eat a fresh fruit rather than a bottle of fruit juice because juices are sweetened with sugar and this can lead to weight gain. Fruits, on the other hand, have natural sugars and fibers that are a great source of nutrients.

Peter S.

Crash diets are not the right way to lose weight

Crash diets are not the right way to lose weight because you can gain all the pounds you lost when you stop the diet. A better way to lose weight is to make healthy changes to your lifestyle so that they are lasting.

Evelyn T.

Include dairy in your daily meal

Dairy foods are essential to have strong and healthy bones. The calcium present in dairy products and substitutes like soy milk prevent many bone-related diseases like osteoporosis.

Tiffany W.

Limit oils and fats in your diet

Limit the use of oils and fat in your meal. When you have to use oil, opt for healthy ones like olive oil, fish oil and nut butters because they provide essential minerals and vitamins to your body.

Emma A.

Don't forget your daily fiber

Fiber is an important part of your diet and it is found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. It makes you feel less hungry through the day and prevents problems such as constipation and weight gain.

Judith B.

Make it a point to have protein everyday

Protein is the building block for your muscles and your body needs a good amount of it everyday. Also, protein makes you feel full for a longer time.

Kathleen C.

Eat omega-3 rich foods for a healthy heart

To have a healthy heart, include omega-3 in your diet. This can be found in fish, flaxseed and walnuts. Omega-3s are also known to improve brain tissues thereby reducing the chance of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

Joyce D.

Stay away from high-glycemic foods

If you are diabetic or have a family history of diabetes, you should avoid high-glycemic foods such as white rice, white bread, potatoes and white flour. These foods increase the amount of blood sugar in your body.

Madison E.

Berries, berries and more berries

All kinds of berries have powerful antioxidants that can protect you from virus and bacteria. Include strawberries, wild berries, raspberries, blueberries and black berries for a healthy immune system.

Nicole F.

Never skip meals for any reason

Skipping meals is the worst mistake that you can ever do. It not only deprives your body of essential vitamins and minerals, but also throws your blood sugar levels off balance.

Christine H.

Indulge yourself with a treat

Do you crave for a chocolate or ice-cream? Give in and indulge yourself at times. Just watch for the portions and frequency. Being overly restrictive can lead to a splurge in the future.

Danielle I.

Don't assume your choices are the healthiest.

When it comes to nutrition, a common mistake made would be to assume that your choices are healthier than they actually are. For example: You may think drinking fruit juices is healthy when in fact its better to eat actual fruits.

Scott J.

Processed food tend to have fewer nutrients.

Processing food such as vegetables will tend to cause the food to loose nutrient. In other words, do not assume that eating canned vegetables is as healthy as eating fresh vegetables.

Laura K.

Always spend time reading food labels.

When buying processed or packaged foods, be sure to spend some time reading the nutritional labels to ensure you are actually getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

Heather L.

"Health food" is not always the healthiest option.

Just because you see an item in the health food section of your supermarket does not automatically mean that the item is your healthiest and most nutritious option avialable. In other words, read and compare labels.

Sarah M.

Your body and mind needs carbohydrates.

Many consumers are confused about carbohydrates and low carb diets. The bottom line: There are are good and bad carbohydrates and both your body and mind needs them to function.

Diana N.

Eating too much of anything leads to weight gain.

Many consumers mistakenly believe that you can eat low carb or no carb foods in any amount and not gain any weight. In reality, eating too much of anything can cause weight gain.

Amy O.

You do not need to be stuffed - just satisfied.

Don't overestimate how much food you need to eat to be healthy and satisfied. In fact, you do not need to be stuffed in order to get enough to eat.

Mary P.

Even if its healthy food, don't overeat it.

Just because what is on your plate is healthy or it meets your diet's guidelines does not mean that you still don't need to watch the size of your portions.

Anna Q.

Don't undereat or try to starve yourself.

Undereating can also be bad as it can interupt insulin and blood sugar levels. Instead, try to eat something every four hours and never let yourself starve from one meal to the next.

Alice R.

Understand the symptoms of heart attack

Understand the symptoms of a heart failure or heart attack and respond to it immediately. This knowledge can save your life and it is absolutely important that you spend some time today to know more about it.

Austin S.

Try DASH diet for a healthy heart

You can try a special diet called the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH). The aim of this diet is to help you have a healthy heart and following it can be beneficial for you.

Gerald T.

Omega-3 foods are great for your heart

Omega-3 is a special mineral that is known to reduce heart attack, lower blood pressure and avoid irregular heart beats. It present in salmon, mackerel, walnuts, flax seed and soy bean oil. It can also be taken in the form of supplements.

Janice W.

Check your waist levels frequently

When it comes to heart health, a better measure of weight is your waist. It should be less than 35 if you are a woman and less than 40 if you are a man. Measure it frequently and get active if it increases.

Ralph A.

Supplements alone are not enough

Supplements are not the only way to avoid a heart attack. Though it can help to some extent, it has to be followed by a good diet and regular exercise.

Joshua B.

Drink red wine in moderation

Red wine is known to have some potential benefits because of the antioxidants present it. It increases good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol. However, moderation is the key for it to be healthy. Limit to one glass a day.

Wayne C.

Have a handful of nuts every day

Nuts have a positive effect on your heart health because it reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the good one. It also prevents the chances for blood clots and improves the lining in your arteries, thereby making your heart stronger.

Johnny D.

Go in for grass-fed beef when possible

Whenever possible, opt for beef from grass-fed grass because it is lower in fat and has a higher amount of linoleic acid that is known to reduce heart diseases. On the other hand, cows that eat processed grain can increase the chance of heart attack.

Dennis E.

Avoid pollution in your environment

Excess pollution in your environment can lead to heart problems because your heart does not get the required amounts of oxygen. To prevent this problem, choose to move to a place that is less polluted.

Raymond F.

Vary your cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are best for your heart and some of your options include fast walking, running, biking and aerobics. You can vary it to prevent boredom. But, remember that it should be fast enough so that your heart rate increases.

Denise G.

Heart rate monitor is a good investment

A good heart rate monitor is the best way to check if your heart rate gets slightly elevated during exercise, but does not get too very high levels that can cause problems. So, invest in one today for a healthier heart.

Ann H.

Laugh your way to a better heart

Laugh as much and as frequent as you can because it beats stress, makes you feel happy and gives your heart a healthy boost. It is a wonder emotion that can cool you down instantly and make you forget your problems.

Jessica J.

Make lifestyle changes for a healthy heart

Make small changes to your lifestyle by talking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking the dog after dinner, eating a healthy diet and indulging in some form physical activity daily. This is the best thing you can do for your heart.

Frances K.

Small changes to your diet add up

To get healthy, start with simple changes. Cut down on salt in your diet, try not to eat processed foods, and use spices to add flavor to your food. Small changes every day add up and make a differnce to your health.

Dylan P.

Make eating healthy easier with selection

Eating well does not have to be a chore. Select healthy foods that you love, and make meals fun. Look for healthy foods that are already prepared, such as already sliced vegetables.

Henry Q.

Remember you are what you eat

Keep in mind that every cell in your body is created from the food you eat. You are what you eat. The question is, would you rather be an unhealthy hamburger or a beautiful fresh organic salad?

Jean R.

Eat 6 meals a day for energy

Believe it or not, it's better to eat 6 meals a day! It will help keep your energy level at a higher level, and you won't hit that mid afternoon slump that is such a diet buster.

Carol S.

Don't make your body think it's starving

If you are dieting and only eating 3 meals a day, you may actually teach your system to get by on less energy. Your body analyses reduced food intake as famine, and goes into starvation mode.

Abigail T.

Don't clean your plate of supersized portions.

Its not necessary to clean your plate as your mother told you to do as a child - especially if the size of the portion has already been supersized.

Teresa F.

Snack smartly.

Snacking is an important part of a balanced diet but its also important to snack smartly. Remember that whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products can make great snacks.

Jane G.

Broiled, baked or steamed tends to be healthier.

Foods that have been broiled, baked or steamed will generally be much healthier than food that was fried, breaded or creamed.

Eugene H.

Water is the healthiest beverage to drink.

Although sugary drinks and sodas are ok in moderation, water is by far the best beverage, Afterall, water contains no sugar, calories or caffeine and its often free.

Brenda I.

Its an exciting period to be happy

This is an exciting time in every couple's life as you look forward to a new addition to your family. So, be happy and healthy during this important phase of your life.

Cheryl J.

Read a book related to pregnancy

Read through a book on pregnancy and learn the different stages of your child's growth. This can help you to appreciate mother nature and your baby much more than before.

Matthew K.

Stick to a sleep schedule to get enough sleep

Too many people do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. Aim for around eight hours a night and try to stick to a regular sleep schedule. Catching up on the weekend is not sufficient.

Alexis O.

Ways to deal with insomnia

Insomnia is a problem for many. If you find you cannot sleep, try turning of the TV and electronics at least an hour before bed. A cup of tea may also help you unwind before sleeping.

Willie P.

Use lavender scent to sleep better

To get a better sleep, add a lavender scent to your pillow and sheets. The smell is known to be relaxing and help you sleep better. You can either make your own scent or purchase one.

Carolyn Q.

Use your bedroom for only sleeping

Transform your bedroom into a place for sleeping and only sleeping. Do not watch TV or do anything else there. The environment makes it easier to get to sleep.

Douglas R.

Sleep is vital for your health

Sleep is an important part of staying healthy and you should get about seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Never skip on sleep if you want to be productive, fresh and healthy.

Patrick S.

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