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Maintain both mental and physical health


I know I mentioned how mental health is really helpful but physical health is very much related to it as well. I think its very important that we maintain both our mental health and our physical health. And Im looking at the obesity academics since were heading to the western world and Im part of it too. Unfortunately, I lost my father a year ago to diabetes and diabetes and it was very painful for years to watch him get sick and sick and sicker. So, about six months after my father died, I realized that I needed to certainly take care of myself. So, I went to the doctor, had a test {inaudible} diabetic. And Im really really grateful that {inaudible} Ive lost it before the {inaudible} this point {inaudible} I made peace with myself and it feels so wonderful {inaudible} my life {inaudible}. And its so easy {inaudible} and I think were very good at saying tomorrow, saying next week, {inaudible} next year it will be my new years resolution . And because we keep putting things off, {inaudible} problems stacking up on each other {inaudible} my father became sick. So, in order for us to live, long, healthy happy lives, not just for us but for people who care about us, its really important to us to learn about how to take care of ourselves. Theres so much information out there on the internet, {inaudible} one source of information, psychologists, whoever it is who can help you. Just make sure that the options that you doing are good source of evident behind them. meaning that we self support it {inaudible} cut back and portion sizes then cut off the junk as well. Then, Im just making sure that I could {inaudible} each day, little things like that, {inaudible} . To me, the shock of losing my father ,who was an amazing man{inaudible}I hope it doesnt {inaudible}

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