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A healthy body houses a healthy mind


Why should someone try to be healthier? What is in it for them? Why should they care? Interesting question, my answer is simple, we need to be healthier as the old clich goes a healthy houses a healthy body or a healthy body houses a healthy mind its important for this vessel this physical vessel to be healthy for us to live a long prosperous life if we live our life purpose we will find that theres so, so much to do and the way we are currently thinking that our life expectancy is so short and theres not a lot of time but if youre someone like me that at the age of 50 still feels that oh no then I have got another 65 left like then I woke up late in life is then if I have to think that I can only live in for 60 or 70 years old then theres nothing left to live for really, what am I going to do in 20 years, 20 years is nothing that flies by so change my mind to so but I cannot become a 115 years old if I dont have a healthy body, if I dont have a healthy mind, whats in it for me? Satisfaction, happiness most of all and why should I care, I care about me and even I care about me should I really care about you and if I care about you the Ive got a responsibility, then Ive got to make sure that people around me are healthier. Why healthier? So a lot of things that we put in our bodies theyre all clich and you are what you eat, you eat who you are that we eat and theres a lot of rubbish that we put in to our bodies and we as humanity has come a long way to trying feed the messes and we cant keep up so have to do all sorts of weird things like putting antibiotics in to animals and no (inaudible) and we actually over supplying because a lot of it goes to waste because of our technology, (inaudible) endangerment I must say we need to get away from artificial stuff in life, we have to go back to the natural stuff thats how well be healthy, if we take in the poisons, toxins thats are in pharmaceutical medication well die, well die, we wouldnt have long lives, we wouldnt be able to, to share our wisdom's with the people that come after us we couldnt have legacy that we can live all we can live is heartbreak, tears so we didnt make it that far we need to know that to be healthy is to be conscious, to be conscious is part of awareness. So if we are healthy and weve got a healthy mind we will not destroy its not possible that a healthy mind can destroy anything our environment, our children (inaudible) hope you find that insightful, till the next topic.

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