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Equal rights for people with mental illness


What is something that you feel strongly about but not many people agree with you on? Well, there's probably a lot of those I feel very strongly about the (inaudible) of mental illness because I've been diagnosed of paranoid schizophrenia and a lot of people believe that people with schizophrenia shouldnt be allowed to care for a children or shouldnt be allowed to you know hold guns or do a lot of things that people find risky and dont trust others with so I feel strongly about figuring out how to make mental illness more acceptable in our society because a lot of people arent seeking treatment because they dont want being able to about diagnose this people fear, I feel strongly about this and a lot people dont really agree with allowing more right in responsibility to (inaudible) instead of (inaudible) for me it's not just a mental illness thats in (inaudible) more like a neurological dysfunction and thats something that physically wrong with the brain and we dont discriminate as badly against people with Parkinsons or other neurological dysfunctions and I feel like Im hoping someday (inaudible) with those diagnosed this and instead perhaps thats a little strange of me because Im (inaudible) mental illness (inaudible) at the same time wanting to get out of that category so I dont have to be accepting that so thats one thing that I feel strongly about I guess I also feel strongly about the religion traits of people of minority religion so there's a lot of people are bored with that when it comes to allowing a certain faiths to you exist and coexist you now we've had a lot of prejudice and Islam and the Muslim people after 9/11 and that was wrong everybody can pretty much generally agree with that but I feel like religion can have a greater place in the public life and with others even with allowing (inaudible) religion so you know pretty much religion doesnt mean freedom from religion and I know that there's a lot of my (inaudible) friend to kind of agree with that but I tend to get disagreement from my Christian friends as well to what Im into you know witchcraft and so it's kind of like I've got enemies from all sides there but thats okay I can live with my own beliefs and learn from the beliefs of others.

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