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New concepts in personal development


___________Katheryn Olsen_____________ How to eliminate your doubts around your abilities, believability, deservability, and permissibility, and get out of your own way permanently. There are so many gurus and topic experts about personal development, and especially about the law of attraction and how to manifest things in your own life. And, they don't really talk about specific steps. They talk about theory. And, I have specific steps around how to remove your doubts around those four areas of your life, your ability, your believability, deservability and permissibility, very specific steps, very specific strategies whereas everybody that I've read only address maybe belief or believability, or they might address permissibility, but nobody has ever pulled together all four of those areas into one book, and offered real-world down-to-earth strategies how to do this, how to do that within these four areas. It's been a work in progress for six years now, and it's about to launch. It was actually a download. It's not as if the concepts feel like they even come from me, but it's almost as if one moment, I had this download and this message came through me, the book title first and the four areas, ability, believability, deservability and permissibility, and then over time, I got more downloads about how this ties into the law of attraction and then it developed more into what is now termed 'the law of vibrational theory" which I then copyrighted, so that I could coin that term and that process, and then you use the focused extension rule which is another term I coined and copyrighted because it's a very specific process that you use in order to harness the law of vibrational theory. So, those are concepts that are introduced, new concepts. Nobody's ever come up with them before and it really has to do with how people get in their own way, and then how they can manifest whatever they want in their entire life using these strategies.

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