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L.A.C.E. four components to become more resilient


______Sue(Bowe) Mckee______ I've adopted the transition town model and I have shared it with a number of business groups. Because it can be it's really useful for business owners, small to mid, and even large businesses and it is really useful to look at how can we increase the resilience of our organization, and it is more than just sustainability, you know green and sustainability are the buzz words these days but when you want to make sure your business strives and survives through anything, you really want to make sure it's resilient. So, the adopted kind of model that I've created is actually acronym, LACE, so there's four components to it, if you really want to create resilience in your business, you first need to Localize from a customer stand point but also supply and manufacturing stand point. Because as resources become more scares, the prices of energy and other resources are going to continue to increase, and we are going to become a more localized world, so prepare now for that. Make those changes and shifts now. And also localize if you're an employee, find be making the shift to moving to working close to home, so that you can get to work and you're working more within your community. A was Autonomy, so, finding ways to create the systems within your business to be autonomous. A kind of a liking it to the string of Christmas lights, you know when one light goes out, the whole string goes out, remember how they used to be like that and then they improved the design, and now, you know, one light can go out it doesn't put the whole light, the whole string out. Well, there's a risk in being so in such an interconnected world. There are global infrastructures so interconnected, that when one light goes out, it can actually take the whole string out, and you want to make sure that you're autonomous enough in your business that you're someone insulated from those lights that are going to go out or could potentially go out around you. C is community and that really applies from business stand point, it's connected in community, it means making further that you have that network from a support stand point from a resource stand point, and so, it sounds like it's the opposite of autonomous, but it happens at the same time, simultaneously. It's staying connected, while being autonomous and not dependent on the grid if you will. And then E is energy independent, so really from a business stand point, and there's huge cost savings and this is well is reducing your energy usages, finding ways to not just conserve but actually drastically cut your energy usage. Because energy is on the way, energy prices are on the way up, and the writings on the wall, so you know, that's the kind of thing that you need to be looking at for your business, we can't change businesses, business operations, on a dime, it doesn't happen within a month or two when you are changing business systems, it usually you know, six months to several years, so start now. To my, my advice to business owners whose start now and build resilience on your business now

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