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Ways to be more balanced


_____lorie corcuera____ well I'm reading this other book, beyo- another book Beyond Body, Beyond Mind by Doctors Suki and his book is very s-, is very kinda similar teachings to the whole brain 'cause he talks about it as well. And what he's saying is that we nee- we need to do-, we need to practice more of our whole brain so if you're more of a right brain, you should then, you know, practice more of your left brain and if you're a left brain, practice more on your right brain so you have a balance, yeah, we should be using our whole brain and that's basically what this, the, the, the other book was saying as well. So, it's just, you're just feeling more, it's just more balanced. Yeah, you don't want to always be too extreme on the other side, it's almost like in the middle that's when you're most powerful, right? Imagine conversations with other people that you can have and the questions that you can have and the experiences that you can have if you're actually practicing both. When you know when to turn the other brain a little bit more on the other side depending on who you are talking to in this situation.

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