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Overcoming the "d"s


_____________________Petrea King_____________________________ so since then I really dedicated my time to working with people who are at the edge of their life I whatever way that might be, it maybe because I have cancer or serious illness, but it may also be because they are recovering from a natural disaster or a divorce or that we call them the "d's, you know it's a, a drama or disappointment, a disaster, a divorce, a [dispeakment]?, death, diagnosis, downpour downturn there's lots of "d's and when you bump into these d in life, everything that second nature to you doesn't work, and it drives you to that place where you really want thing to be completely different in your life, and you realize that you can't really change obviously what happened to you but you can certainly change, take, and respond what happens to you. So our programs and services are very matched around all of, you know it's funny but we often talk about its second nature for me to think like this, its second nature for me to feel like this, its second nature for me to react like this, but this "d", whatever it is, demands more of you than you might ever have had to draw around up until now, ____________________Madison Stern___________________________ hmmm _____________________Petrea King_____________________________ And we are, we often comment about is this second nature to me, but no one ever questions, "what is you first nature?" and of course for me the purpose of human existence is to relinquish, to lead ourselves to liberate ourselves from everything that's becomes second nature to us, which are our beliefs and our patterns of thinking, and way we view circumstances to release ourselves from everything that's become second nature to us, so that we reveal and experience our first nature which is life, which is pure consciousness, which is awareness, and when you live and anchor your sense of self in your awareness, then from that stable, what, still place you can take responsibility, your ability to respond to the fact that you are enriched in a physical, and it your responsibility to take good care of your physical mental emotional and spiritual aspects.

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