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Avoid genetically modified organisms


Hi, its Lynda Hallet. Your healthy body will be healthier by avoiding GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS (GMOs) big, big, big out there right now. And there is enough evidence and information that is confirming the devastating affects that genetically modified foods has on our body. Youll find most of these in corn and soy-based products , {inaudible } sugar, any prepared foods. Unless, it is in the organic section of your supermarket, it is going to contain GMOs. All you need to do is search on the internet and you will damning evidence against this foods and it has far reaching effects. Best to try meat locally if you live, if for example, you live on the climate that is cold on the winter and you need to buy produce and fruits that had been shipped in from warmer climate areas, try and buy organic. If you cant buy completely organic, search for those food that are better and worst and try govern yourself accordingly with that. The healthier we are physically, the better able we are to respond emotionally and mentally until it happens to us on a daily basis If our body is still good, we feel good. Some forms of movement, whether its yoga, dance, walking, whatever it may be , very important. If you prefer to go to the gym, go to the gym. If you prefer walking nature, do that as often as you can. It hopes us to function better if we feel better. And try and develop a regular relaxation practice, whether thats two heavy meditation session, twice a day or 1-2 minute or take your time out during your work day and still in your mind, for 2-3 minutes quiet the mind chatter, get in touch with your spiritual self very, very important. It will calm you down. It will keep you going through out the day it takes you to place where you learn to hone your intuition and you come from a place of responding from your intuitive space. That I believe is very important for your body and your mind and emotions and spiritual selves.

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