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Immune system and the auto immune disease


'---------Adam Adams-------- The immune system is a very intelligent complex system that basically manages the interaction between invading or new experiences. It decides whether something if it is a friend or it is a foe. If it's a friend it allows passage into the system, if it's a foe, it attacks it and it attacks it in a strong way. Most of the immune system, you may be aware is in the stomach, 80% plus, and so what we eat affects the immune system and you heard about gut feeling, gut feeling is a truth, your immune system is intelligent, its alive, its alert and its constantly monitoring activity all the way through your body and working with other systems in your body to decide whether something is acceptable. When we get to a stage where we have an auto immune disease or an immune disorder, it is because we have upset the balance. Nature's creation is remarkable and very very beautiful and that, it works and when it stops working as Caroline Miss says "Miracles should be normal if the miracle is not happening for you what is it that is in the system that is preventing that miracle from happening?" and so with auto immune disorders, with auto immune diseases like HIV, like MS, I'm not going to include cancer in that by the way because you may know we all have cancer in our system all the time. Everybody has cancer it's just that the immune system destroys the cancer cells and so when the immune system is no longer able to destroy cancer cells faster than the cancer is growing, that's an imbalance in the immune system, something is out of whack. And what I do is I help people uncover what that is.

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