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Stress management and control


'-------Madison------ I'dlove to know what are few areas that you feel, you really have seen one or more individuals truly changed after working with you. ------Adam Adams-------- A couple of things that people would really be wise to take a lot at their life, firstly stress management, and the easy way to avoid stress is relaxation and being aware of how you are able to create a state of relaxation and doing it unconsciously. Now, the human system is geared to put you into the state of natural relaxation so your mind can integrate experiences for every 90 minutes or so, it's called an alt radial rhythm.But people insist on forging forward and companies are bad for this "No, work harder! Must work harder, must work harder!" and in reality that is not how the system is built. The system is built for short burst of intensity followed by a very short burst of relaxation integration. And so managing a stress response allows your body's natural parasympathetic nervous system it is called, a bit nerdy but, actually, the relaxation response to kick in, and that's where you can heal that's where you can integrate. So, you see enormous changes when you are able to manage your stress level. Another thing that I've seen enormous changes with people is bringing EFT or the tapping solution to people's attention, and the just of the tapping solution is an acceptance of whatever emotional state you are in saying rather "No, I must stuff it down!" and men are worst of these because we are thought we must be really tough all the time and "Big boys don't cry." Etc etc. and itsnot productive it's very very toxic, and lastly for this conversation I would say control is an issue.People have been thought that it is not safe by some experience in their childhood or a serious trauma or experiences and they are constantly seeking control and the reality is,it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Government's constantly seeking control well, if history shows the tighter they squeeze the more likely a revolution is to pop up,and it is the same thing as with human beings.The tighter we try and hold, control everything, the more likely we are creating a situation in our body that promptsdisease. Does that make sense?

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