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The truth about drugs


What is something I feel strongly about but not many people agree with me on this topic this is my passion and Ill share it with you today yes and people dont agree with me but people tend really say the country addiction is 100% if we can call it curable or re-balanced addiction is only an imbalance of things that we do were doing too much of one thing and that is called addiction it's habitual stuff some people and (inaudible) some sort of addict some people are workaholics, some people are sex addicts some drug addict others are alcoholics others are gamblers etc. etc, it's not bad but we because we dont know how to fix it, it becomes a stigma and rehabs and clinics dont work and they never work, what do we do? We put people in there we tell them that they are now going to not detox but they're going to have withdrawal symptoms how gods world is it possible for you or as a person or your body to withdraw from something that is unnatural wanting it craving something thats not natural it's not possible detoxification is possible and thats what you're experiencing it's not the craving it's definitely not the craving and getting off the drugs and the alcohol and not doing habitual stuff thats the easy part it is for it you maintain or sustain as a way of life thats a different (inaudible) but I made the I spoken statement that (inaudible) than work Ill tell you why they didnt work they dont work because you put people in a protective environment in a cocoon you take them off the drugs and what they do they hide and when they're in there they give them more medicine to keep them calm because you can't handle them so then the medication is not for the patient or addict it is in for the people that work there because they can't (inaudible) with that person when he's detoxing or withdrawing as they say and the medication of for the medical staff thats why it's called the medication I believe that people should get treatment non medicated treatment (inaudible) you can get counseling but counseling is not the cure to addiction it's the persons attitude and how they can changed it non verbally I say people get treatment once a day and go home and stay in contact with reality deal with what has to be dealt with on a daily basis then you'll get out people go to rehabs and they hide for a month 2 months 3 months sometimes a year then they come back and they realize and they wonder why, they wonder why, why in the world can't they cope because they're not out there they're too protected. There's a little thing called open dialogue in Switzerland where a psychiatric facility is empty today due to their approach no more medication they realize that they can't medicate people and treat them it's not possible, it's not possible to treat people that on in a zombie state as being done by medicine they wing them off they sent them home and they treat them on a daily basis as team 3 people will go out and speak to them listen to them people are free from this horrible thing called drugs we called them drug addicts when they do illegal drugs but we administered drugs to the main psychiatric facilities and in rehabs and in clinics in hospitals sleep therapy for depression it's a bloody sin it is more than criminal Im very serious about this and this is very close to my heart Im telling you today if I can eradicate all pharmaceutical.

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