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Testing your resiliency


______Sue(Bowe) Mckee_____ Absolutely, and I knew that it was going to stretch me beyond my... what I thought were my limits. I don't... it means, a lot of cases, we don't know what our limits are but we shrink you know, and this is true in life, in work, and in recreational play, I mean a lot people who especially the people who are into the adventurous sports, and all of these extreme activities, they are doing that to push their limits. They want to test themselves and see where do they think their limit was and then the push passed it, or we can do the same thing in the leadership rattle. You know, whatever your limits are, and that's part of what I do in a blind spot assessment, which is you know, couple of hours in Skype, for a person and we uncover a leader's blind spots. We get them to the root cause of the issues or the challenges that they are facing.

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