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Getting old is just an state of mind


The least that I have that not so many people understand or share is that you do not have, we do not have to give all that we have a saying in my business its, Be bold, never be old. Everybody really likes that because, Hey, that sounds great but I think they really quite understand it. We kind of bought in to this medical system that we have then everybodys gonna get old and sick and youre gonna need all these insurance. Youre gonna need to be put into a rest home. Youre gonna need care and all that so people just kind of accept it. Youre gonna get old, and weak and sick. Whatever you believe, thats what youre gonna create in your life. Old stuff is really different than aging. We heard a lot of anti-aging these days but really I think, that a wrong terminology. We are sending the wrong message to our brain because aging, cant stop aging. Aging is a natural process. When now youre 40, then youre 41 and youre 42. And actually, if you look at the definition of aging. Aging means to reach your full potential, become fully matured like fine age. So, thats good but also theres a story, old just means be worn out, used up, unexcited a bout your life and thats a choice. See? Being an old is just a state of your mind and state of your body and also our choices, you know. You do not have to let your body deteriorated and old and weak. Im totally committed to keeping my body strong and healthy all my life and many others are as well. You never had to get old. Old means to be just weak and unexcited about your life. So, you got to keep stimulating your mind and your body all of your life and you never have to be old. So, thats my belief that Im trying to let people get out to the world is to be bold and never be old.

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