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Dealing with stress in business life


_______Chris Sier______ And that's why I wrote the booklets, because I was finding similar situations with a lot of different people. It's almost just if with so much information coming over the internet and your cellphones and every other electronic gizmo that we actually act as if we had ADD. We are very distracted, we try to multitask but our brain really can't handle multitasking. In fact you can be rather dangerous. So I help people to be very clear, so they can focus on what is truly important to how... what they want to achieve, whether it's at work, or in their private life, cause it all works together. And then be very consistent in how they approach what they do if what work be ford as if to work now. Then let's find other ways of making that happen and then, there is the third piece which is being civil. That's the emotional intelligence piece, and when people are very business driven, they tend to forget to be aware of how other people think and feel.

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