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The effects of alcohol in the brain


__________JJ Thiret__________ I did alcohol when I was youngerI had a great time - drank, drunk, laughed, had aball. And then, as I got older and I would drink, it just didn't do the same thing anymore and it wasn't fun anymore so I quit and that was back in nineteen ninety so uhm..but there was some chemical changes going on in the headnot only did itnumb the pain, I guess, or..uhm..but it also, you know, does some damage too, right? __________Timothy Hayes__________ Well, you know, that that the way that alcohol does damage in the brain is that it makes the blood cells clump together and the blood only gets into the brain through these little tiny tubes that basically, you know, the capillaries basically level oneblood molecule at a time come through single file. __________JJ Thiret__________ Sure __________Timothy Hayes__________ : And so my blood's all clotted up, it can't get through there and then it can't take oxygen to the brain and so I'm basically staving my oxygen, or my brain of oxygen when I'm drinking. It''s different for different chemicals but that's what I've understood is the primary method four distorting the perceptions and getting us drunk it's not that act that were actually pouring brain or alcohol into the brain, I don't believe that alcohol crosses over the blood-brain barrier. I believe there may be different chemicals that get in and actually cross the blood-brain barrier but I don't think alcohols one of them. So that when..When we have people who were dying, from alcohol poisoning, it's because they've suppress the central nervous system and they're either stopping the.. __________JJ Thiret__________ Not breathing.. __________Timothy Hayes__________ Stopping the heartbeat and the breeding or they'rechoking on their vomit and things like that I don't think it's..but as we keep doing that, we're depriving the brain of oxygen and we are killing brain cells.

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