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Your kids and spouse wants you to be alive and healthy


So if youre wondering why you should try to be healthier, whats in it for you and why you should care youve probably already heard a lot of article (inaudible) about why you should care for example your children wants you to stay alive or your spouse wants you to be healthy or your friend and the society are looking down upon you if youre not healthy but I think the most convincing reason to be healthy and to work to be healthier is if you have a health issue right now this moment is as good as your ever going to feel unless you get better so if youre overweight and you think well, Im young, its not hurting my knees yet, its not hurting my back well right now is the high point in your life if you dont work on your weight and its like that with any sort of health issue if youre not exercising, if youre not eating nutritious foods then youre sort of taking a snapshot at this point of time and saying okay it can only get worst from here and Im happy with it. So, I dont think thats something thats good and I think that people just definitely try to do better themselves. Its hard to tell right now how bad in (inaudible) when you aged and how much worst thing it can get and how irrevocably can messed up your body but you know, find a mentor that has made wrong decisions and support them and going for example to a nursing home and volunteering to help some of the people there who have made bad choices or have let things go and you know those are smart and wonderful people theyre, theyre not idiot and sometimes things have just happened in their lives that has made them incredibly unhealthy, a lot of them wish that they had, they could go back and turn back time and take care of their health and I hope that you can start now.

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