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Yoga is my passion


________UmangGoel_________ At all points of time, it was in my mind. How much I love this practice! So, because I used to do video kickboxing, I used to love kickboxing, I used to run six miles a day. ________JJ thiret__________ You did kickboxing? ________UmangGoel_________ Yes, I did kickboxing. And, my son is at 2nd Dan. He's a taekwondo... I joined actually taekwondo... ________JJ thiret__________ Yeah, that's what I am. Uh-huh. ________UmangGoel_________ Umang: Yeah. I joined taekwondo actually, and when it came to sparring, and asking me to punch somebody out, I could not do it. It was not me. No matter how much I wanted to imagine somebody I could beat, you know... but I couldn't do it. So, it was why I'd run into kickboxing because now you're punching a bag here. But, then, once I discovered yoga, I said, "Oh, my God! This is in my history. It's in my blood." And, guess what? It took me so long to find it, but who cares? Now that I've found it, this is like breathing to me. This is me from being... Everybody ask me, "You have been an IT professional, and yoga? How did that happen?" (Laughs) So, that is the story behind it. There is a very transformational story behind it

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