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The danger of modern technology to the next generation


(Inaudible) is a busy mother of six children whose age is range from 18 down to 9 I have various different consumes at the moment being a back in a baby boomer I firmly believe that we have done our children a huge disservice by creating a society that is spontaneous what is happened with all the technological advertisement that we have actually being privileged to be part of that have actually made our lives so much easier and bless us beyond anything that we could possibly have ever imagined way back in the 60s and 70s nowadays our children all receive the latest upgrades of goodies and gadgets and most of the time the skill seat and (inaudible) operates these technological items are far more advance than those of us as parents however once this is done is it is actually created of (inaudible) level of English communication skills which anyone in business today would be able to actually tell you that with accurate English communication skills you are almost get in the water, I have major concerns with regards to this particular rising generation of ours whether they would actually be able to adopt and adjust in order to take on and learn the English skills required from professional business prospective in order to be successful themselves or whether this going to actually be a complete chef in the way that people operate Im not entirely convinced that we did our children much of a service by trying our very best as parent to give our children everything that we never had and while we were growing up I think that once we have actually tried to give them the benefit of the doubt we have spoiled them in a sense we they have not have to actually recognize and appreciate the value of work and what they means to be in to the future and what they will actually be able to achieve and accomplish as a result of this instant benefits is a concern that I have and I dont believe that we have actually done our children a service at all.

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