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Small things to do to avoid accidents


_______Tammy Richie_____ So, the beauty of this start on the day I've been trying to educate others as well on how to avoid incidents just like mine. And, I always say to others that you know; you can do swimming lessons as I was doing but that did not save my son. The swimming lessons are normally involved in warm, cool and non-sigmoid. And, they're all swimmers. On that particular day, it was a cold day, the cool heater was not on, my son was fully clothed, knocking on shoes and there's no way to be saved. So I say to others, you don't even need to go to listen to actually get this experience, we want to give them the experience as well, and why putting them in a pool obviously simplified, so that we can actually have the experience and also learn from that as well as the changing can as well. Simple things like putting up like a bell and we gave this thing to alert you. You know it takes 26 seconds, I did not hear a thing or a noise, screams or flashes, you know it was right there. So, just to try little things like that can actually make a difference as well. But the beauty with it, when someone drowns and not used to that environment, fallen and not used to it, immediately, just think about it. Am I swimming on cold water? What do we do? We jump in and up all the guys will Ahhh... Look! So, if you're not meant to be in the environment and you do that, the water actually blocks in the person. The water actually goes straight to the lungs. And the whole journey process starts so we need to get the water out of the lungs. If we're not in the ability to do that, you know it's going to make the difference. So what do the inflatable rashies does? It's just a normal rashies and it's better off coz it has UV protection and is very comfortable to wear and it stretch around the person's waist, so they can lift up and jump in a full odd and come undone when they actually swimming, diving, surfing, boarding or whatever. What it actually does is, it got its ability for the parent to blow air into it which is flatter, which goes around the chest, and to the back which keeps the head above the water. There's no possible way that the head can go down or back so they can aspire the water into the lungs. It's going to prevent the incident from the carry, so that's for the younger person. The parent can actually blow air into that cover manually or another version as well, for surface bodies on top of thing that may not, you know that may think that it is too cool to blow that air and wear big, sort of a float device around the neck, that's fine, make it work. Flash got that ability to where it got a cold that it can cool which relates to the same cavity, keeping the head above water and saving that life.

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