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Healthier body healthier mind


Hi I am Janietzche we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and what allows our spirit to have this human experience is a physical body that is the vehicle through which our spirit expresses on the physical plane now just like a car, a motor vehicle its important that we care for this vehicle we regulate, maintain it, service it, clean it because if we dont it will break down and break down from a physical body usually comes in a form of illness or disease so, why try to be healthier? Well, for one whats in it for you is that you would avoid disease and illness and that has another bonus to it which is reducing your medical cost thats certainly is one worthwhile wanting to be healthy for apart from that it is something that improves your mood, when you are healthier you are in a better mood and when you are in a better mood you are able to be a greater service to yourself and to others, you are able to go through life more effortlessly, you are able to have your experience in a way that is more fun and enjoyable not just for yourself but for others, your good mood rubs all fun at us because it is infectious, when people are in a good mood it tends to affect other people in a some other way, just like when someone is in a mood it tends to put others in a bad mood also so, not only are you lifting your own mood but by default you are also lifting other peoples mood and their well-being, being healthier helps you sleep better and if you ever had insomnia or being sleep deprive you know that this is a truly priceless benefit to have to be able to sleep well and sleep well regularly, sleep well every night when you are healthier you are able to sleep better and sleep well every night this is a huge benefit. That should really just do it I shouldnt even have to continue but I will, theres a few more Id like to mention beside sleeping well, it also keeps your mind fresh when your mind is fresh your clear, youre able to make concise clear, supportive decisions for yourself and other you are able to function and perform with precision in your life when you cant perform with precision thats when you make mistakes, thats when we make errors and in some areas of life its that might not be a big deal but say for instance driving a car it could be a big deal because in a split second if you lost concentration it could affect not just your life but someone elses so very important one, you live longer healthier people do live longer not all the time yes not every single time but generally speaking healthy people live longer and they strive rather than survive a healthy person on their hundred birthday is not going to be seating there with an oxygen mask theyll going to be blowing out the candle to a flare pulling out a dance run and boogying out because physically they feel well, they energize, they full of life and joy, happiness and vitality. Healthy body and happiness of a direct correlation when your body is in a healthy state it amplifies and increases the happiness thats already there within you when it is not it does take away some of that happiness as Ive said it gives you more energy and boost self-confidence and your self0esteem and when you are happy, when you are confident, when you feel your self-esteem you are able to achieve so much more in your life and better sex life so, healthier body, healthier sex life that should be more than (inaudible) for most people to one to being healthy so I enjoy being healthy, eating healthy and I hope that.

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