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There is no should in trying to be healthier


This is a very interesting series of questions. Id say the most important thing in these questions is that there is no should. There is no should trying to be healthier. Its simple choice and you get to explore what is healthier actually mean. If you are doing it because you are shooting yourself then that will not lead to it because shooting yourself, any kind of shooting implies a split or an outside authority which means theres a struggle, which means theres resentment, resistance, fear. None of these things are healthy. And just like you wouldnt expect according to your understanding of the law of cause and effect to be able to a plant lemon seed and get sweet apples. You cant get healthiness by planting seeds of resentment, fear, resistance and being imposed upon by an outside authority. So, there is no should. Just determine how you want to live your life and examine what your thought process is and what your underlying beliefs are and appreciate that you probably like most of us have a lot of ideas that are not really your own but that you think are your own but really they were programmed {inaudible} so there is no should about caring. Be interested in, Do I care about myself? How much do I care about myself? How much of a priority can I make being kind and encouraging to myself in all situations under all conditions and regardless how my performances are being evaluated by others or by myself. Do I have the courage to be kind and encouraging all the time?

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