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Breathing says it all


_____________________Jennie Lee___________________________ Yeah, there's all different types of breathing exercises just like there's all different types of physical postures of yoga, and each one has a different benefit to it so some of the ones that you just name might increase energy or they might balance the hemispheres of the brain or they might induce deep relaxation so there's strategies to the different breathing techniques, but in terms of one generalize yoga breath, what we are first looking for is a deep breath into the belly and what I always start people with is just an awareness of whether when they take an inhale, does their belly open up? Or does it draw back? In terms of the basic breath it's what's happening in the belly, and then also bringing the breath all the way up to the chest, so we don't just want to connect to the belly we want to start there and then bring it to the diaphragm and all the way up to the high chest. Some people they have a shallow breath and it stops right around the diaphragm and often that indicates kind of a resistance to taking life in fully or in to uh breathing fully in to your heart and, you know, sometimes if we have had our hearts hurt sometimes it is hard to ____________________JJ Thiret____________________________ Aww... _____________________Jennie Lee_________________________ open them up again.. The breath tells a lot about people's emotional states and I can, when I'm working with a client I often bring their um attention how they're breathing, and the restrictions that I see in a body, because it is a big indicator of emotional blocks and once we burn awareness to that then we can start to break those emotional blocks down through some um directed breath.

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